Saturday Share #115

This week’s favourite blog posts is quite an eclectic bunch, including body image, miscarriage, Halloween and contraception. Happy reading!

saturday share

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, Amber is the queen! I love her Tippi Hedren costume! The Birds is, hands down, the scariest film ever. Says the gal with a bird phobia…

Massive props to Cathryn for sharing her story on pregnancy after loss. It broke my heart reading this but it can only be a positive thing to see women sharing their stories and helping to reassure others that they’re not alone.

Speaking of honesty and blogging, I freaking loved Kate‘s post on her experience with the Mirena Coil. A lot of the up-to-date info I get on types of contraception comes from blogs/Twitter, so it’s great to receive some firsthand info rather than the usual gumpf on a leaflet.

I’ve been waiting for Salty Songs to produce a Penzance print for a while now and it’s finally here! And looks lovely.

One of my absolute favourite posts this week is Rhianna‘s post on body image. I wish I could be as confident. Goal for next year?

This colourful post is one of many reasons I continue to follow Fashion For Lunch. I heart this blog so bad!

I’ve reviewed a fair few subscription boxes this year and might have to add Wootbox to the list after Pepi‘s latest review.

What blogs have inspired you this week?

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