Why I’m not having any more children

I miscarried before I had Jenson. It's something that I'm pretty open about these days. I wrote about it a week after it happened but didn't publish it until long after. It took me a while to process. Since then I have a totally different attitude to talking about children with people who don't have… Continue reading Why I’m not having any more children

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Saturday Share #115

This week's favourite blog posts is quite an eclectic bunch, including body image, miscarriage, Halloween and contraception. Happy reading! If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas, Amber is the queen! I love her Tippi Hedren costume! The Birds is, hands down, the scariest film ever. Says the gal with a bird phobia... Massive props to… Continue reading Saturday Share #115

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Saturday Share #66

It's been a crazy week for blogging. I went from scheduling a few days in advance to having to skip nights of blogging in order to sleep and then completely missing my Friday Favourites because Jenson had a cold and I wanted to get my Cornwall Design Fair post up. Does anyone else have weeks… Continue reading Saturday Share #66

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Last week, Tommy's asked women to complete a survey regarding miscarriage. Thousands of women took part, myself included, and the results are staggering: 80% said they felt like a failure after miscarriage 70% felt that family and friends didn't know how to support them 35% didn't talk to the baby's father about their experience Over… Continue reading #misCOURAGE

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My life in photos: October 2015

Because so much of 'my' month is filled with photos of Jenson, I've decided to split this post into two parts - one featuring my month (general lifestyle shiz) and one featuring Jenson (outfits, toys, activities, etc). Fun, right? 1. I wrote about my miscarriage for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2. I went to The… Continue reading My life in photos: October 2015

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Baby Loss Awareness Week: What it’s like to be pregnant after a miscarriage

I didn't intend to make this week's blog posts all about miscarriage but I was inspired to share my experiences as it's Baby Loss Awareness Week. On Monday I finally posted something I wrote in February 2014 about what happens to your body after you miscarry and reading it again after all that time reminded… Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness Week: What it’s like to be pregnant after a miscarriage

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Baby Loss Awareness Week: What nobody tells you about ‘early’ miscarriage

In honour of Baby Loss Awareness Week, I'd like to share a post which I wrote over a year ago but never published. I drafted it a week after I lost my first baby because I felt that people who haven't experienced a miscarriage don't know enough about it. Until it happened to me, I… Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness Week: What nobody tells you about ‘early’ miscarriage

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Follow Friday #24

There's lots of loveliness for you to peruse this week as I've caught up quick significantly on my 'to read' list. Enjoy! Blogging 70 Awesome Design Boards to Follow On Pinterest - Design School* Actionable SEO Tips From Bloggers, For Bloggers - more about cat 15 Tips to Get Published Online - aliljoy How to… Continue reading Follow Friday #24