The 17 slogan tops I need in my life right now

Pushed to define my ‘signature style’, I’d say jeans and a tee or baggy sweater. I’m easy to please and fortunately my office has a relaxed dress code, so I get to wear jeans to work. Choosing an outfit in the morning takes minimal effort but, where possible, I like my slogan tops to reflect my mood. And there are some absolute beauts available at the moment. Here are my faves.

There’s the high street tees…

slogan tees

1. H&M, £8.49
2. H&M, £8.99
3. H&M, £8.99
4. New Look, £12.00
5. New Look. £9.99
6. La La Land, £25.00

The tops for bookworms (from Literary Emporium)…

literary emporium tops

1. Frankenstein sweatshirt, £25.00
2. Jane Eyre t-shirt, £15.00
3. Pride & Prejudice t-shirt, £15.00
4. Votes for Women sweatshirt, £25.00
5. Anne Bronte t-shirt, £15.00
6. Sylvia Plath t-shirt, £15.00

And the ones for mums

tired mum slogan tees

1., £28.80
2. Alphabet Bags, £22.00
3. Alphabet Bags, £22.00
4. Alphabet Bags, £22.00
5. Mommamakes, £16.00

What’s your fave? I want everything from Literary Emporium!

I’m a UK ladies size 16, just FYI.

1 thought on “The 17 slogan tops I need in my life right now”

  1. Love a slogan top! And actually I like to get them as gifts for people, so this is really useful this time of year :) x

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