Saturday Share #121

Most of this week’s fave blog posts have contained plenty of top tips for fellow bloggers. There’s an additional post the end that’s non-blog specific, which is my absolute favourite of the week. Happy reading.

saturday share

I’ve been pondering starting an e-newsletter for a while but I’ve been a bit stuck on content – I want to be able to offer more than just an update on the week’s blog posts but without creating too much extra work for myself. I’ve bookmarked Holly’s post on the science of email marketing ready to implement in the new year.

Want to grow your blog in 2018 but need to upgrade your tools first? Chloe has put together an awesome Christmas gift guide for bloggers.

Vix’s post on ethical blogging really made me think about the responsibilities we have as bloggers, both to ourselves and our readers.

Becky’s post on productivity has encouraged me to give myself more of a break and not to put so much pressure on myself.

And now, for my favourite post of the week: On periods, talking about them and normalising them by Rhianna Olivia. I always find it so refreshing to see bloggers talking openly about periods and contraception. I struggled with my periods a lot growing up but didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it other than my mum and GP. So many of my friends either sailed through them or just didn’t talk about it. As I grew older, it was revelation to have friends who would talk about these problems openly and I love it when someone will happily share what methods of contraception do and don’t work for them. When I’m trying to decide what method to switch to, I find it so much more helpful to have a firsthand account than just relying on advice from a GP. Let’s keep these conversations going.

What blogs have inspired you this week?

1 thought on “Saturday Share #121”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! 😀 I’m so chuffed its been helpful! I’m off to read all of the rest of your suggestions now. They all sound great. I love it when people talk about things like periods openly too. It’s something so normal, it should be talked about so much more. I also have no idea about e-mails and I really want to start that in the New Year too. I hope I can learn something from Holly’s post! 🙂

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