Wild, Jack Whitehall and birthday plans #LittleLoves

I’ve felt really busy this week, with just three working weeks remaining until Christmas and trying to get ahead of myself with some scheduled posts so I can take a blog break over my birthday weekend. I might even have a mini digital detox. But then how will people know what I’ve done if it’s not on Instagram? Enough of the babble, here’s a look at what I’ve loved over the last week.

Read: This month I did something that I usually hate to do – abandon a book before finishing it in order to read a hotly anticipated new release. Now that I’m mostly caught up with Sarah Knight, I’ve gone back to Wild and I still hadn’t finished it by the time I reached the end of my working week. That’s not to say it’s not interesting, though, it’s just a bit of a slog at times. And sometimes really hard-hitting. If you’ve read the book before, imagine reading the part about her mum’s horse just before your bus pulls up at your stop and you have to head off to the office like you weren’t just utterly devastated. I might watch the film when I’m done. Thoughts?

I also received my Blogger’s Bookshelf giveaway prizes. I can’t wait to read The Loneliest Girl in the Universe but I don’t know much about Tales of the Peculiar. Stunning covers, right?

Blogger's Bookshelf giveaway prizes

Blogger's Bookshelf giveaway prizes

Watched: After last week’s complaints about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I thought the last episode redeemed itself and I’m hoping it’s a return to form. I’d still love them to bring back Greg though, even if it’s just for one episode.

I also watched Jack Whitehall’s Netflix special. I didn’t like his stand-up for the longest time but warmed to him on panel shows and now I love him. He’s actually something of a guilty crush.

Heard: “Auntie Ems”. I hung out with my nephew for a bit yesterday and I love hearing him say “Auntie Ems”. He and Jenson played together nicely for about 80% of the time – a new record. Jenson can still be a bit of a dick sometimes but Logan is such a trooper and never fights back because he gets that he’s smaller and doesn’t understand properly yet. Still breaks my heart a bit though.

Made: birthday plans! I’m now off work for 11 days in a row to mourn the loss of my youth. And I’ve got more plans in those 11 days than I usually have in 11 months! I’m having my hair cut, getting my phone upgraded, having cocktails with friends, going for a birthday freakshake with the boys, heading to Truro for the day with my mum, getting an eye test (and new Cath Kidston specs!), having our first date night in months (Justice League and pizza), popping to Etsy Made Local and meeting Poppy Treffry. I know, I’m impressed too. I’ve also got my surgical referral so hopefully I’ll have a date soon and an estimated recovery time. After a nine-week wait for an ‘urgent’ referral, I won’t hold my breath.

cocktails at the cornish barn

Wore: My new boots! I know I mentioned them last week but I finally got a photo.

birthday boots

And lastly: Kiddo didn’t cry at nursery drop-off for the first time this week! Proud mum alert!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’ll catch you on the other side.

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5 thoughts on “Wild, Jack Whitehall and birthday plans #LittleLoves”

  1. Oh will have to tell me all about these books I need some new ones to read. I hate putting a book down I don’t do it often and i normally come back and finish it at some point but recently I have put one down and won’t finish it because nothing was happening it was The Couple at Number 9 I got to page 250 and nothing had happened yet eeek so I tossed it for a new release. Happy birthday belated by the way. Sorry for delayed comment from last week it was Thanksgiving playing catch up now on all #littleloves Have a great weekend ahead.

  2. I know just what you mean about books like Wild. When I used to get the bus and train to work I would always make sure the books I chose weren’t too emotional as I get so caught up in the story and it would totally impact the rest of my day!
    Loving the Virgina Woolf goodies x

  3. I’m so jealous of your 11 days off. It sounds like you’re going to have a jam packed week and a bit of so much fun. I can’t wait to see Justice League! I really hope its good. I love the sounds of both of those books. I always love what you are reading. I keep adding them to my Christmas Wish List and I’ve told my fiancee just to pick one or two haha. Happy Birthday by the way!!!! :D xxx

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