Ready Player One, A Christmas Prince and even more Christmas crafts #LittleLoves

Ermagerd, it’s only three more sleeps til Christmas! Are you ready? I’m nearly there – just two more stocking fillers to pick up today, plus a dessert to take to Mum’s for dinner and that’s it. Here’s a look at what I’ve been loving this week.

Read: Ready Player One. This was on my wish list for a while and, with the film release not far off, Luke bought me a copy for my birthday. I didn’t manage to finish it by the time I finished work so I’m trying to make some time over the weekend. It’s sooo good! Think The Matrix meets John Hughes with a Rush soundtrack.

Ready Player One

Watched: I caved and watched A Christmas Prince. NGL, it gave me a bad case of the warm and fuzzies. Once I got past the cringey first 20 minutes or so, I kinda fell for its Christmas magic.

Heard: I spent nearly two hours wrapping presents and listening to Michael Buble yesterday and feel festive AF.

Made: We’ve been on our tightest budget yet for Christmas this year but we’ve still been able to give a little something to all the important people in our lives. Jenson and I have made these super-cute photo frames for some family members and popped my favourite festive photo of the two of us in them. My family is full of big ol’ softies so I’m sure they’ll love them.

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

Wore: I wore something other than jeans and a jumper! It was my work Christmas do the other night and I wore a Joe Browns tunic – I didn’t manage to grab a pic though.

And lastly: I finally got my surgery date – 16 January! Which means that, after 19 days off, I’ll be back for four working days and then off for a further three weeks while I recuperate. It was such a relief to be able to plan everything before I headed off for Christmas and to know I have time to delegate some jobs in the new year. Have I mentioned I’m an anal planner?

Happy holidays everyone!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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