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Stationery Matters, Ready Player One and lots of painting #LittleLoves

Well this week has certainly been better than the last week or two. I'm a lot more mobile and sometimes I even forget to take painkillers - go me! I've got a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully he'll be pleased. It's meant I've been stuck at home a bit less and have… Continue reading Stationery Matters, Ready Player One and lots of painting #LittleLoves

The Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy - book review

Christmas, Self-Care and Trolls #LittleLoves

It wouldn't be the first post-Christmas Little Loves without a little Christmas round-up now, would it? Check out my Christmas in photos post from earlier in the week if you're a sucker for photos of cute kids and 'what I got for Christmas' posts. Of course, the week hasn't been all about Christmas. Here's a… Continue reading Christmas, Self-Care and Trolls #LittleLoves

Duke Street Cafe Christmas decorations

Ready Player One, A Christmas Prince and even more Christmas crafts #LittleLoves

Ermagerd, it's only three more sleeps til Christmas! Are you ready? I'm nearly there - just two more stocking fillers to pick up today, plus a dessert to take to Mum's for dinner and that's it. Here's a look at what I've been loving this week. Read: Ready Player One. This was on my wish… Continue reading Ready Player One, A Christmas Prince and even more Christmas crafts #LittleLoves

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How I spent my 30th birthday

In case I didn't mention it enough already, I turned 30 last week. To celebrate/commiserate, I took the week off work and ended up with more plans in 11 days than I usually do in 11 months! For those of you who like photos of cocktails and stationery, here's a look at how I spent… Continue reading How I spent my 30th birthday

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A peak at my Amazon wish list

I'm not gonna lie; I have, like, a dozen Amazon wish lists. You've gotta organise your shit, right? Just like with Pinterest! There's one for books, DVDs, Pop Vinyls, homeware, stuff for Jenson... The other day I shared some mini reviews of what I've been reading lately and it got me thinking about all of… Continue reading A peak at my Amazon wish list

follow friday
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Follow Friday #42

Last week I made the decision to change the way I treat Jenson's naps. Instead of cracking on with housework, I'm making time for me, my blog and catching up on TV. After all, it's not hard to tackle the laundry while Jenson's in the jumperoo or ball pit - he's not particularly mobile yet,… Continue reading Follow Friday #42

my week in photos

Highlights of the week

Lots to peruse again this week, including loads of recipes - get your bake on! Lifestyle une semaine à Paris - Violet Key Why I'm staying pale all summer long - Hello Giggles Wonder Woman is TOTALLY a feminist - Hello Giggles The charity shop challenge - Paper Crowned Blogging Learn to code - Melrosa… Continue reading Highlights of the week