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Star Wars, Unicorns and La La Land #LittleLoves

Not gonna lie, it’s been a rough week. I’ve spent the last nine days battling a cold with a cough so bad it’s actually made me vomit. Fortunately the doctor has reassured me it will soon pass and shouldn’t delay my surgery but it’s been hard going. All three of us are poorly and sharing a bed when we’re all coughing our guts up isn’t the best way to get a good night’s sleep. But this isn’t a post for moaning – it’s time to share this week’s Little Loves.

Read: As I’m still off work there hasn’t been much time for reading but I have read a couple of cute shorter books which I got for Christmas. Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood is hilariously relatable. I love that all of the mum cliches feature and that all of the characters are total queens. Constance would be proud.

Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood

Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood

Be A Unicorn is such an adorable book. Unicorn is all about self-care and always looking on bright side – and it’s beautifully illustrated. I think this would work well as a series of prints and greetings cards too. Off to Google Sarah Ford…

Be a Unicorn by Sarah Ford

Be a Unicorn by Sarah Ford

I’ve got plenty of books to keep me going when I go back to work. I had a little post-Christmas book haul and bought these seven books. I reorganised my bookshelves the other night and realised I had 25 unread books, so remind me next time I say I need something new to read. Although now I really want Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist.

A post-Christmas book haul

Watched: WE FINALLY SAW STAR WARS!!! Germs didn’t keep us away from the cinema last night and we finally got to marvel at the wonder of The Last Jedi. I loved it and totally welled up at a couple of key Carrie Fisher moments (hence the need to bump The Princess Diarist up my Amazon wish list). Bring on the next installment. I have total faith in Rian Johnson.

Heard: I spent every night with Jenson for a week so holed up in the bedroom with my laptop for most evenings. It was a bit too quiet, believe it or not, so I listened to the La La Land soundtrack on Spotify and fell in love with the film all over again. I need to convince Luke to watch it with me at some point.

Made: Jenson has been super cute when it comes to sharing his Christmas presents and keeps asking me to sit on the floor and build Duplo with him. He got a couple of sets for Christmas and has been building a lot of towers of windows, which I think vaguely resemble the stacks in Ready Player One. I must take a picture next time.

Wore: When browsing the post-Christmas sales I spotted this black cardigan from H&M for just £8.49 with free delivery. I love the pockets.

girl crew cardigan from H&M

And lastly: It’s back to work on Monday so ‘normal’ life will resume. No more lie-ins on alternate days, no more repeat viewings of Trolls and it’s back to 6.30am wake-up calls and cracking on with this year’s Goodreads Challenge.

I hope the new year is treating you all well and you have a lovely weekend.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

10 thoughts on “Star Wars, Unicorns and La La Land #LittleLoves”

  1. I love kids books for grown ups – Where the wild mums are and We’re going on a bar hunt are two of my faves – so I think the Little Miss Busy book looks fab! There’s quite a few in your book haul I wouldn’t mind reading either.

  2. Great film choices this week! Love both La La Land and the Last Jedi as you probably already know! Seeing your book pile has reminded me to add that Mary Beard book to my list.
    Hope you’re feeling better and that you have great week. Thanks for joining in with LittleLoves! x

  3. I have still not watched La La Land! Its on Netflix and on my list to watch, so one day I will get round to watching!! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend xx

  4. All those books in that pile! I have way too many on my kindle and on my shelf to read too. I need to stop ordering them and read the ones I actually have. Hope you’re all starting to feel a bit better now x

  5. That little miss book looks good. I’ve got loads of books to get through not as many as u but I’m sure my collection is going to build up as I can’t stop buying books! Hope your cold shifts asap so u feel much better. #LittleLoves

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