Getting my shit together, Will & Grace and actual me time #LittleLoves

Taking nearly three weeks off work over Christmas made Monday morning such a shock to the system. My alarm went off at 6.30am and I so wasn’t ready. And I didn’t half miss Jenson. I hate only seeing him for an hour before bed but it made yesterday even more special – even when he woke up at 6.15am. So much for more time in bed! Here’s a look at what I’ve loved this week.

Read: Get Your Shit Together. Hands down my favourite Sarah Knight book and I feel so ready to take on the year. I’ve got a full review post coming next week so check back soon.

Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight

Watched: The first episode in the new series of Will & Grace. They’re back! I was a bit pissed that they totally disregarded the original ending and I didn’t like the assumption that no-one wanted to see them raise kids (uh, I did!) but, it’s pure, traditional Will & Grace and I loved it. Plus the political aspects are sheer genius. And, NGL, I got actual goosebumps when the opening theme started playing.

I’ve also started getting back into Master of None, I’m well into season four of Grey’s Anatomy and Neighbours is back, never to take a break again.

Heard: Hashtag Authentic. I’m so behind on these podcasts. I scrolled through the list to see which titles are relevant to where I’m at right now and listened to Stop Making Excuses & Start Actually Trying and Why Your Audience Isn’t Growing. I’m really crap at listening to something when it’s on in the background and it turns out that a relaxing bath is a great time to take it all in.

Wore: Swimming costume. My surgery is on Tuesday and I won’t be able to swim with Jenson (my highlight of the week) for at least six to eight weeks – and that’s if it doesn’t require a follow up operation. Fortunately the wound has been closed this week which meant I could brave a swimming pool! Jenson was in a great mood and had an awesome lesson, so I’m glad we managed to have that time together.

Made: Painting by numbers. Jenson got a painting by numbers set for Christmas and I decided to give it a go when we were home and not feeling great last weekend. It turns out he isn’t quite ready for this skill level but he had fun. In fact he had the mother of all paddys when I put the paints away. I tried to paint the practice sheet to show him what to do but he just treated the canvas like a plain piece of paper. Obviously I think it’s a masterpiece and I need to find a home for it somewhere.

paint by numbers

And lastly: Yesterday was the best. As well as the aforementioned swimming lesson, I also went to the bank and sorted out my finances (you wouldn’t believe the instant relief) and had the perfect evening of self-care. I had The Best Bath – Lush bath bomb (Cheer Up, Buttercup – gorgeous!), scented candle, face mask and fairy lights and caught up on Hashtag Authentic.

Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb

Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb

Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb

I felt so refreshed that I took my laptop to bed, bashed out this here post and proceeded to watch more Grey’s. Note to self: do this more often!

If anyone has any recommendations for a refreshing, peel-off, affordable face mask which I can use on the regular, leave a comment.

Hope you have a fab weekend!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


10 thoughts on “Getting my shit together, Will & Grace and actual me time #LittleLoves”

  1. Oh lovely it was the first week back for us since Christmas and it was painful!!! I love the sound of that book, let me know when your review is live! Have a great week #littleloves

  2. You should try out for face masks! :D I loved the first episode of Will & Grace, so funny. I don’t remember how it ended before though. :P

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