Some more blogs I’ve followed lately

2018 is the year of blogging communities. Rather than going it alone and taking to Twitter to ask (mostly unanswered) questions, bloggers are joining emerging communities and finding groups who are supporting each other with self-confidence and growth. And it’s bleddy brilliant! I’ve already come across some great tips and resources in various Facebook groups (check out The Blogging Breakthrough Community and The Content Crowd) and have added plenty of new Instagram accounts and blogs to my feeds. I’ve shared some recent faves below.

blogging stationery and prints

Everything Chessie
Lifestyle blogger
Fave recent post: Five Apps For a Peaceful Mind

Hello Bexa
Lifestyle blog
Fave recent post: 6 simple ways to boost creativity

Hidden Little Gem
Beauty blogger (plus books!)
Fave recent post: The Rapid-Fire Book Tag

Jess Who
Lifestyle blog
Fave recent post: The New Found Confidence Blogging Has Brought Me

Just A Lil’ Lost
Book blogger
Fave recent post: #NastyWomenRead : Feminist Books For Your Holiday Wish List

Lazy Thoughts
Creative lifestyle blog
Fave recent post: Should you work for free?

Little White Socks
Lifestyle blog
Fave recent post: How You Can Use Social Media To Help Support Bloggers

Nicola Says
Family lifestyle
Fave recent post: Inspiration For Your Bullet Journal – From Bloggers & Instagram

Oh So Mint
Lifestyle blog
Fave recent post: Creating A ‘Give A Shit’ List: What I Do And Don’t Want To Care About In 2018

Sarah’s Chapter
Books and lifestyle
Fave recent post: My 2017 Reading Statistics

Wandering Words
Book blogger and writer
Fave recent post: Not Here to Make Friends

Have you found any new favourite blogs recently?

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