Snow, How to Stop Time and Insta Stories #LittleLoves

So it snowed in Cornwall this week. For the first time in a long time. And when I say snowed, I mean it looked like this…

snow in Cornwall

snow in Cornwall

And the world stopped! Schools closed, bus services were cancelled and it took me three hours to travel to a mile away from my office – then I turned around and came home again. Yep, Cornwall really is nothing like the rest of the UK.

Here’s a look at the rest of my week.

Read: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. Such a good book. I’d describe it as a cross between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Adjustment Bureau. I’ve got a full review post going up next week for this month’s Blogger Book Nook post.

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Watched: A lot of Peppa Pig (Jenson was home with an ear infection for a few days). Plus the usual Grey’s and Neighbours. I need to up my game because Luke has already finished Daredevil season two without me and stormed through Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I’m so behind.

Heard: I’ve got so many podcasts on my list but I’ve just not had the time to listen to them. I read on the bus and I don’t have anything on in the background while I’m writing because I like to concentrate on one thing at a time. Do regular podcast listeners multitask or give the episodes their full attention?

Made: A lot of hot chocolates. I’m loving this liquid chocolate from Iceland – just £2 and super cute too.

hot chocolate

Wore: Olaf PJs. They’re super snuggly and Jenson loves them.

Insta stories Olaf

And lastly: So, yeah, I finally caved and started using Insta Stories. I’d be interested to know how you think Stories adds to your experience as both a blogger and a blog reader, so do leave a comment if you’d like to share your thoughts. My main reason for giving it a whirl is that there are things that I’d like to share but I don’t want them to mess up my grid (I know, I hate me too), so I think it could be quite fun. I’d avoided it before because I spend enough time on social media as it is without having something else to scroll through (I’m easily hooked). Plus I can scroll through an Insta feed as quickly as I like whereas Stories seems more time consuming. I’ve loved reading updates from Dom, Hannah, Cat and Cathryn though, so I’m going to give it a chance.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with a couple of friends over a brew this weekend. A bar in town has started serving Creme Egg hot chocolates and they look incredible. It would be rude not to try them, right?

Have a lovely weekend :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

9 thoughts on “Snow, How to Stop Time and Insta Stories #LittleLoves”

  1. Those pjs look so snuggle, and with a hot chocolate too. Perfect!
    How to stop time is my March read for my book group so I’m glad it’s a good one. Two of the books you said it was like are favourites of mine so I think I’ll enjoy it. #littleloves

  2. I listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning – and there are a couple I listen to falling asleep (ones that I don’t mind if I miss some!) I absolutely could not read at the same time.

  3. That hot chocolate looks delicious! Its crazy how the world seems to stop when it snows! Hope the chaos didn’t last too long!

  4. I only moved down to Cornwall last year and I couldn’t believe the reaction to the snow. I used to think people were bad at coping with icy weather in London where I used to live, but that was nothing compared to down here!

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