Saturday Share #130

Man, the blogosphere is on fire this week! There have been so many relatable posts, primarily on parenting and ageing! Check out my faves below.

saturday share

Reading Hannah and Amber’s posts about their emergency c-sections and postpartum body issues has brought back so many memories.

Now that I’m 30 I can’t help but wonder how I’m ageing – and if this blog will remain relevant. Vix’s post on being past her prime was spot on and I also loved Jules’ post on hitting her mid-thirties.

But you know what the most important thing is? Doing what makes you happy! Thanks for the reminder, Jemma.

And you know what makes me happy? Books and stationery, so the Happy Mail book looks pretty freaking awesome.

Speaking of stationery, Jocelyn has a new swap for February and I was quick to sign up. I’ll share all my pics in a couple of weeks. And it’s not too late to sign up.

The award for nerdiest post of the week goes to Blogger’s Bookshelf for sharing this awesome bookish spreadsheet. I need one of these in my life.

And lastly, it’s Children’s Mental Health Week and Acorn Books has shared some fantastic titles to share with your little ones.

What blogs have inspired you this week?

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