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Bygone Badass Broad, Sing and a stationery win #LittleLoves

Man, what is this weather all about? It’s been snowing (as much as it can snow in Cornwall!), hailing or just simply pissing down for days. It makes it really hard to just pop out for milk as I need to get Jenson in his wellies and puddle suit, which makes him think he’s going to the park. Luckily for him we managed to make it to the park a couple of times over the last week, which makes for one very happy kiddo. Until it’s time to leave.

Jenson park

I’m trying to do as much fun stuff with him as possible at the moment as I don’t know how affected I’ll be by the upcoming surgery. At best I won’t be able to sit on the floor and play with him for a bit and at worst I won’t be able to get about much at all. Fingers crossed. Here’s a look at more fun stuff from the last week.

Read: I’m reading an ARC of Bygone Badass Broads and freaking loving it. I’ll have a full review post for it’s release later this month but for now I’ll just say it’s like Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls for grown-ups – if it was written by Hannah Gale and Vix Meldrew! Now if that doesn’t intrigue you I don’t know what will.

Bygone Badass Broads

Watched: I’m taking a bit of a break from Grey’s at the moment as I realised I haven’t seen any Crazy Ex-Girlfriend since the break. I think a few episodes of this fab musical comedy is just the distraction I need from the utter heartbreak that was the end of season five John Doe reveal.

I’ve actually seen a film too! A grown-up one, as we’ve had Sing playing on a loop for the last week. I saw the Scar-Jo version of The Ghost in the Shell. I have to say I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed but it looked and sounded good. From what I hear, the story takes a different turn to the anime – judging by how many times Luke said “that wasn’t in the anime” while we were watching it.

Heard: As I said, we’ve had Sing on a bit of a loop, so Jenson’s memorising the words. He’s really into the songs and loves Gunter and Rosita. In fact, he calls the film “Pigs” because that’s how he identifies it. Like his other faves, (Finding) Nemo, (Finding) Dory, Poppy (aka Trolls) and Olaf (Frozen). Moana is pretty straightforward. His favourite song from the film was Shake it Off but now it seems to be I’m Still Standing. He likes to play piano on me when it comes on.

Made: Jenson has started to recognise letters (he said D and R out of nowhere when he saw them on signs) so I thought I’d encourage him by buying some alphabet stamps from Sainsbury’s. He’s already learned U and is picking up some others. I’m not sure who’s enjoying playing with them more…

alphabet stamps

Wore: I’ve got a review and giveaway post coming up with Literary Emporium for World Book Day and I’ve been wearing some of the clothes in order to get photos for the post. Here’s a sneak peek.

Upcoming Literary Emporium collaboration

And lastly: I won a giveaway with Under the Rowan Trees and was sent a lovely stationery box.

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

Under the Rowan Trees stationery box

I’m a bit in love with the tape, paperclip and pen.

This weekend I’m off on an adventure for another review post, this time at one of the most famous places in Cornwall, if not the UK. All will be revealed soon.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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7 thoughts on “Bygone Badass Broad, Sing and a stationery win #LittleLoves”

  1. That book sounds brilliant, have just added it to my ever-growing wishlist. I love Sing, although I get the obsessing thing, my little one does that too. It was Cars, then dinosaurs and now Star Wars. It’s literally the only thing he’ll watch and the only thing he’ll talk about, each ‘phase’ usually lasting about a year, it’s great fun! Looking forward to seeing where you’ve been this weekend! Have a good one!

    1. It’s good that he has a few faves – Jenson obsesses and we tend to have one on a constant loop before he moves on. It’s so hard to introduce something new.

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