Make Change, a feminist giveaway and a lot of coffee #LittleLoves

I’m sat here writing this post at 8pm on Thursday and I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself. Every night this week I’ve fallen asleep with Jenson by this time and it feels strange to have this time to do what I want. And what I want is to blog! I’ve had my surgery rescheduled (again!) for Wednesday and there’s a lot I want to schedule in before then – and I’ve got nothing scheduled so far. Wish me luck! In the meantime, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this week.

Read: I reviewed a copy of Make Change, a collection of art to inspire action, and made a start on the samples Penguin sent me from their new Modern Classics series. I started with Jean Rhys’ Till September Petronella, in honour of International Women’s Day. One of my ‘to schedule’ posts is about this awesome series, so pop back for that next week.

Make Change! Art to inspire action

Make Change! Art to inspire action

Make Change! Art to inspire action

Penguin Modern Classics

Penguin Modern Classics.

I also spotted some pretty impressive bookstands in Sainsburys the other day and fell for these gorgeous paperbacks. I think I need to go back…

Sainsburys paperbacks

And I had a couple of magazines drop through the letterbox which I’m saving for next week. I thought I’d give In the Moment a go, as they had a ‘5 issues for £5’ offer on, and I’ve subscribed to Blogosphere since just before the first issue was released, so it’s always a pleasure to see this beauty arrive.

In the Moment magazine cover

Blogosphere magazine

Watched: I finally caught up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (still not sure what to make of the season finale) and have gotten back into Grey’s. There are so many shows I want to get stuck into but I think taking it one show at a time could be the most productive route. I’ll certainly be bingeing the shit out of Grey’s while I’m resting up and taking time away from the blog.

Jenson’s new favourite show is Bing, so we’re taking a much-needed break away from Peppa Pig again. How long til this one gets old too? Gotta admit I’m finding it kinda cute at the mo.

Heard: A colleague introduced me to The Showhawk Duo and they’re pretty epic.

Made: A lot of cups of coffee. I’ve been blogging for the last half hour and can already find my eyes getting heavy. I don’t know if it’s a combination of a lot on at work and getting over another cold or what but I’ve been seriously flagging this week. My sleep was pretty interrupted last night though. When Jenson first started settling he was waking every 10-15 minutes or so screaming and wanting to be spooned again. Weird. He seemed to settle pretty well tonight though (fingers crossed it stays that way for a while).

Wore: My swimming costume! With the op planned (touch wood) for Wednesday, this was my last chance to get in the pool for a while. Unfortunately the lesson was cancelled last minute as his teacher has the flu but we were still allowed to use the pool.

And lastly: I’ve got a pretty epic giveaway running for International Women’s Day, which you can check out and enter here. You could win all of these awesome goodies!

Celebrating International Women's Day with Abrams + Chronicle

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Anyone being treated to a meal out for Mother’s Day? We were meant to be going to a Chinese buffet but Luke booked the wrong weekend off. It actually works out quite well as it means he’ll be around when I’m recuperating next week. Catch you on the other side :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

9 thoughts on “Make Change, a feminist giveaway and a lot of coffee #LittleLoves”

    1. It’s aces, although most of the time I haven’t even heard of the people on the cover. I’m so not down with the kids. My mum just bought me The Secret Garden for being a big brave girl in hospital ❤

  1. Oh I saw these books too. Look ace. My blogosphere magazine just landed really need to sit down read it cover to cover without interuptions maybe that’s my mother’s day pressie to myself hahaha Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Happy Mother’s Day! #littleloves

  2. I’m going to have to make a trip to Sainsburys because those books are gorgeous! I can never resist pretty books, so this could get bad… Glad you’ve got a date for your surgery. Fingers crossed luck’s on your side this time and you don’t get sick on the day. xx

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