Saturday Share #135

Oversharing, self-love and doing you – just some of the interesting topics to come out of the blogosphere this week.

saturday share

I found Charlotte’s post on oversharing so relatable. What does it mean for good old fashioned conversation when people can read about your antics online? But then who’s to say that that’s all that’s happening in your life?

Until this week, all I knew of Peckham is what’s mentioned in Only Fools and Horses, but thanks to my fave travel blogger, A Lady in London, I now know that it’s a stunning place.

I feel like Tarnya and I are kindred spirits. I’m that person who doesn’t socialise with colleagues outside of work cos I’d rather go home to my kid and I don’t go out drinking with my non-parent friends because it’s just not worth the hangover when you’ve got a two year old. It’s easy for people to label me as boring when in fact I’ve just given up giving a shit what others think and I just do what I want to do. It’s actually pretty liberating.

Remember when Kylie Jenner said she didn’t use Snapchat anymore and the rest of the world followed suit? I can’t help but fear a little bit for the future of traditional blogging after this post from Hannah Gale.

The most inspiring post I’ve read this week is this one from Lyzi on learning to love herself.

What blog posts have you read and loved this week?

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