Happier Thinking, MTV Rocks and Mother’s Day #LittleLoves

You’ll never believe it – I finally had my operation! There’s not a lot of exciting stuff to report for this week’s Little Loves but I’ve got a few things to share.

Read: Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva. I’ve got a full review post coming on Sunday so I’ll just leave you with a pic for now. And the assurance that this isn’t one of those wishy washy self-help books – there is actual advice here which you can easily implement in your own life to change your way of thinking.

Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva

Watched: I’m caught up on Will & Grace, behind on The Walking Dead and getting a bit tired of Neighbours. Taking time away from the blog (most of this post and most of the next three weeks of posts were scheduled in advance – go me!) means more time for Grey’s, so I’m bingeing the shit out of it. I’m currently on season six episode 10. I’m still not really keen on Meredith and Derek, I’m loving Lexi and McSteamy more and more and I freaking love Arizona. She’s rivalling Bailey as my favourite as there’s just not enough Bailey at the mo. Anyone else seem to care more about supporting characters than so-called leads?

Heard: I keep seeing the advert for the MTV Rocks album so we had the Spotify playlist on at work the other day. It was like listening to my teenage years.

Made: I received my first nursery-made Mother’s Day card! Jenson lost interest halfway through but it’s the thought that counts.

Home-made Mother's Day card

Luke booked the wrong weekend off work so we’re doing Mother’s Day this weekend. Last Sunday Jenson and I spent the day together and made more Krispie cakes. They were super fancy this time because we drizzled some white chocolate on top. Yum!

Home-made krispie cakes

Wore: A surgical gown and the sexiest pair of disposable knickers. And I forgot to shave my legs, so I felt super-unattractive. But I finally had my operation – woo! I’ve been signed off work and have a follow up in three weeks. I might need a second operation but I’m hopeful it’ll heal nicely. It’s currently less painful than I thought it’d be, which is great.

And lastly: I reviewed some kawaii stationery from Blippo earlier this week and have an international giveaway running for any fellow stationery nerds reading. Check it out here.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

I’ll be taking it easy for the next few weeks so we’ve not really got anything planned. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

3 thoughts on “Happier Thinking, MTV Rocks and Mother’s Day #LittleLoves”

  1. MTV Rocks takes me right back to my teenage years too! I also really want to re-watch Will and Grace in the lead up to watching the new one. I love your stationary and I adore the sound of that book. It sounds like something I really need to read. I’m glad your operation went well. I hope you’re ok! xx

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