Stranger Things, nursery creations and all of the (unread) books #LittleLoves

I’m going to start this week’s Little Loves with a little moan because once this post gets underway I want to focus on the things that have made me smile – that’s what these posts are all about!

For those of you following the surgery trials and tribulations, I got a bit cocky last week – the first two days were virtually pain-free but once those beastly nerve endings knotted back together (who needs those bastards anyway?!) the pain became on a par with c-section recovery. For four or five hours after my daily dressing change, I’m pretty useless. So I’ve made best friends with the sofa and have been indulging in afternoon naps. Not so fun for Jenson, who doesn’t seem to understand that Mummy doesn’t have to work but also can’t play. Hello, mum guilt!

Moan over. Moving swiftly on…

Read: I’ve managed to dip in and out of my copy of In the Moment but I can’t get into a comfortable enough position to read properly, which sucks because my mum bought me two books for being a big brave girl (!) and I’ve had a couple of ARCs arrive this week. I also, stupidly, saved Blogosphere to read during my recovery. Stupid past Emma!

Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Watched: On the plus side, not being able to sit at my desk and blog properly means I’ve been bingeing the shit out of Grey’s at night – when I’ve not fallen asleep at 8pm! That season six finale – phwoar! I gasped out loud. A lot. Still not really feeling the love for Meredith and Derek but I almost cared a bit in those last couple of episodes.

I’ve also been making the most of Jenson’s nursery time and have (finally!) seen the first season of Stranger Things! Hopefully I’ll get through the second season in time for next week’s Little Loves post. I’ve gotta say, I can see what all the fuss is about. Cracking soundtrack, a bit reminiscent of ET and Stand By Me and a definite must-see.

Heard: I’d hoped to catch up on some podcasts in the evenings but Grey’s keeps calling me…

Made: Jenson has been super creative at nursery lately. The updates from the staff keep mentioning loads of paintings and such so I’m hoping we get a stash at the end of the year, as not everything comes home straight away. We did get a beautiful flower this week though.

Jenson nursery flower

Wore: I’ve been living in leggings post-surgery – comfort is key! It’s not like I’m leaving the house – except for my dressing changes. I was a bit too confident and walked to the park the other day. Won’t do that again for a good few days. I even ordered the food shop to be home delivered.

And lastly: To say I’ve been bored the last week would be a massive understatement but friends and family have kept me in yummy treats and baby cuddles – every cloud. I was even sent a cream tea in the post!

Hope you all have a lovely, snow-free weekend.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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