Stationery swap [February 2018]

I just can’t help myself when it comes to Jocelyn’s #BringBackPaper activities. Just there mere mention of the words ‘stationery swap’ or ‘book swap’ and I’m there! So, of course, I signed up for last month’s stationery swap.

I was partnered with Kathryn from Bookworm and Theatre Mouse and sent her the following: a magnetic weekly planner pad, Gemma Correll stickers, a Paperchase notebook, butterfly push pins, an engraved pencil, gold washi tape, a heart paperclip and a postcard.

February 2018 stationery swap

In return she sent me a mindfulness colouring book, set of three notebooks, sticky notes, magnetic page markets, stickers, a bookmark and bookish keyring.

Stationery swap February 2018

Look at the fun colouring pages.

Stationery swap February 2018

The notebooks are my favourites though. Such a cute set and I like the prompts for dates on the pages – handy for meetings at work.

Stationery swap February 2018

Stationery swap February 2018

Have you ever taken part in a stationery swap?

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