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In the Moment [Self-Care Sunday #48]

A few weeks ago I subscribed to In the Moment magazine. It had popped up on my feed a few times and I’d passed it in Sainsburys but never stopped to pick up a copy. I couldn’t argue with five issues for £5 and thought it would be an interesting change for the commute.

In the Moment magazine review

My first issue dropped through my letterbox just ahead of my surgery and it was perfectly timed. It was a welcome distraction while I waited to head down to theatre and it has been handy to pick up in between sofa naps during recovery.

It’s a simply but beautifully designed magazine with really interesting features, plus helpful suggestions for mindfulness and self-care. There’s plenty to learn without it seeming preachy or patronising. As someone who often pushes themselves to do too much and needs to learn to delegate and simply do ‘enough’ sometimes, I found Ali’s piece on Being Enough really enlightening.

In the Moment magazine review

I also found the quiz and accompanying tips on resilience really useful. I’ve always thought I’m quite over-sensitive and quick to be knocked down but actually I’ve grown to be pretty adaptable lately.

In the Moment magazine review

I’ve got a post scheduled for next week on Instagram and Yvette’s post on being inspired by Instagram came at the perfect time for me.

In the Moment magazine review

There’s a lot to take from this magazine and it’s such a bargain at £1 an issue for my subscription. The usual cover price is £5.99 so it’s worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming deals.

If you like magazines like Simple Things and Breathe, give it a go. It came with a really beautiful short story which was possibly the highlight of the issue for me – perfect for a lazy Sunday.

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