How I fell for Instagram all over again

Instagram has become one of those sore topics. People are pissed at the demise of the chronological feed and constant changes to the algorithm, plus there’s the disdain for comment/follow pods, follow-unfollowers, and don’t even get me started on people who buy followers. It’s easy to get into the habit of bitching and moaning and forgetting why we started our Instagram accounts in the first place – to share images and get lost in a never-ending feed of beautiful pictures.

Instagram emslf

At the end of last year I fell out of love with Instagram. My follower count was barely budging and engagement was down. But you know what? It was mostly my own fault. I wasn’t taking the time to comment on other posts or find new accounts to follow. Then a few communities emerged in the new year and totally reignited my love of the platform. Thanks to Jemma’s #shinyhapperbloggers, Rhianna’s #theuncoolclub and Charlotte’s #blogandbeyond, I found new accounts to follow, which led to adding more blogs to my Bloglovin and a new burst of inspiration. It has also helped grow my own following and engagement levels.

Instagram emslf

I also finally jumped on the Stories bandwagon. While I don’t have an Instagram theme per se, I do tend to post more ‘staged’ and ‘polished’ images. This can mean going a few days without sharing a picture because I don’t deem it ‘good enough’ to share. Enter Stories. It’s given me a platform to share more of my day-to-day life beyond the blog and I don’t put any pressure on myself to share something ‘perfect’.

Instagram emslf

Since I started using Stories, I’ve found that I’m spending more time on Instagram than any other social media platform and I’m engaging in more conversations. I’m still not a fan of video (although I love Boomerang) and don’t plan to use that any time soon but I’m loving the new level it’s added to my blog. If you don’t already follow me, head over to @emslf. I share previews of blog posts, ARCs, blogger mail, food porn, cute pics of the kiddo, and general day-to-day geeky antics.

Instagram emslf

Instagram emslf

I’m also freaking loving these bad boys…

Instagram Stories templates

The best thing Instagram has done for me lately is inspire me to improve my own photography. I’ve been trying to find a way to jazz up the photos for my book review posts, beyond simply a photo of the book, and following the likes of @bookishbronte, @abookishphotographer and @sienna.and.i, and a conversation with the photographer boyfriend, led me to this new theme:

Instagram inspiration

100 Books That Changed the World by Scott Christianson and Colin Salter

The Displaced book review

Days of Wonder by Keith Stuart

So not only am I more excited about Instagram, I’m also more excited about blogging more generally.

What Instagram accounts have inspired you lately?

5 thoughts on “How I fell for Instagram all over again”

  1. I love Instagram. It can be tough to get likes/comments but I still find it fun, and I want to try doing more “bookstagram” type of photos. I’m off to follow you now (I’m @laurenashleybecker just fyi; not that you have to follow back!)


  2. I really needed this! I haven’t fallen out of love entirely, but the fun faded for sure. It’s frustrating, polishing up a photo I’m really proud of, only to have no one like it. It feels personal, somehow! But I loved your feedback and perspective – especially on stories. I haven’t tried those yet, but I think I may need to give it a go! Thank you for sharing – see you on Insta!

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