Saturday Share #138

Looking for theatre reviews, reading recommendations and Cornish favourites? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a selection of blog posts I’ve loved reading over the last week.

saturday share

Since Hannah Gale’s post on the future of blogging, it’s been a hot a topic and I took a lot from Cat’s post on giving up our blogs to do more on the ‘gram.

Every now then I become torn about whether or not I’m sharing too much of Jenson online. On the one hand, this blog doesn’t have thousands of views, so who’s really seeing him? On the other, he exists on the internet through no choice of his own. Luke keeps saying that I can always take things down at a later date but Stevie’s post really got me thinking. Again.

Want to ditch your traditional reading habits and try something new? I loved Hayley’s ultimate guide to graphic novels.

I always like to have a gander at other people’s blog posts about Cornwall and Helen’s post on family friendly places to eat is a must-read.

I’ve wanted to see Wicked for over a decade now and I’m so jealous that Emmie just went for the third time. Check out her review and go see it for yourself.

I’m discovering new favourite blogs most days at the moment and someone I really must mention is A Bookish Baker. I particularly loved her posts on age and blogging and the ‘death’ of blogging.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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