Saturday Share #140

Recently there has been a bit of a debate in the blogosphere/on Twitter regarding relatable vs aspirational blogging. I definitely fall in the relatable category – I don’t get anything out of reading a blog full of luxury, high-end products which I’ll never afford and the kind of swanky life where they’re constantly travelling and eating out. And it makes me feel pretty shit to see them pop up in my feed – ain’t nobody got time for that (although I do like budget/local travel posts). I much prefer the gals who feature in this week’s post, who regularly make me wanna scream “oh em gee, me too!”. Here’s the best of the bunch.

saturday share

Most, if not all, mums can relate to Hannah Gale’s post this week. My heart broke for her when I read about her loss of identity.

I’m still trying to up my Instagram game and loved Helen’s post on making your Stories stand out.

I passed through Truro the other day and it made me miss my days of wandering through the city. Places I really need to visit on my next trip include Emily’s and Bone China.

There are two bloggers who are particularly bitchin’ this week: Abi and Rebecca. I loved Abi’s posts on self-belief and books as art and I could totally relate to Rebecca’s posts on being a wallflower blogger and life-changing quotes.

The award for most relatable post of the week, however, goes to Jasmin Charlotte because I also want to do everything and spend time on the couch. I think I’ve stretched myself a bit too much because I haven’t got as much prescheduled for next week as I’d like and I’ve also got a lot of unread books that need reviewing soon. And I’ve been of the opinion that getting a good night’s sleep will make me more productive the next day, only to have no time to get it done! Oops.

Which bloggers do you find the most relatable?

1 thought on “Saturday Share #140”

  1. Interesting post and great question.

    I haven’t yet found any disabled bloggers that I find relatable because their life experiences and worldview is so different to my own.

    I live in hope though :)

    Which bloggers do you find the most relatable?

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