Jenson: 35 months old

We’re mere weeks away from Jenson’s third birthday and he seems really grown up all of a sudden. When I look back at old photos I can’t help thinking he’s still that same little boy but I know we’re leaving the toddler days and entering the pre-school days. How did that happen?

Jenson's first ice cream of 2018

Jenson is loving birthday party season and celebrating with the little friends he’s grown up with. For one party they had an animal encounter, which he loved. Unfortunately the party clashed with one of my lovely daily doctors appointments so Luke went. Probably for the best because he held a snake and an owl! He also tried hugging a reindeer. I love that he’s not phased by big animals.

Jenson holding an owl

He’s settled into his new room at nursery and the staff have already commented on how happy and confident he is. I think he’ll really benefit from an extra session in September and I’d be happy to extend the hours when he consistently eats lunch there. Maybe it’s worth sending him with a packed lunch.

He amazes me with the things he comes out with sometimes. Right before he falls asleep he normally starts reciting random things he’s learned in the day. One night he said “hide and seek”, put his hands over his eyes and counted to ten. Lately he likes nursery rhymes because he loves watching Baby Bum on Netflix (he’s the only one in the house who does!). His favourites are Wheels on the Bus and Incey Wincey Spider. To say it takes him a while to settle down and sleep now is a bit of an understatement.

He’s so affectionate and considerate of others. He loves the swings at the park but wants us to be able to swing too, so we have to go on the big boy swings. It’s sweet that he loves sharing and encouraging others to join in.

He’s also able to go down the big slides on his own now, so of course he wants to do it over and over again. He needs a boost so it’s a good workout if nothing else!

Birthday plans are well underway. His party is on a bank holiday weekend and his actual birthday is during half-term so wherever we go it’ll be busy. Fortunately he’s a lot better with other kids these days.

For his party we’ve booked a private venue and someone is coming with soft play equipment and a bouncy castle, so that will be fun. We’ve also decided to put out Jenson’s favourite food, so there will be lots of pizza, prawn crackers and strawberries!

We’ve gone with a Bing theme for decorations. I found a great bundle party kit on Amazon which was a good fiver cheaper than other places and only took two days to arrive. His main presents from us are Bing-themed (bedding, night light and toys to try and encourage him to go to sleep in his own bed) with a few books and colouring sets thrown in for good measure. Bing and Hey Duggee seem to be the big favourites at the moment but he’s a really easy kid to shop for. He loves dinosaurs, trains, fire engines, bubbles, puzzles and painting, plus the likes of Peter Rabbit, Sarah & Duck and Postman Pat.

Jenson's third birthday wish list

Bing toilet train book, £4.00
Bing PJs, £5.99
Bing bath toys, £11.97
Bing puzzles, £5.99
Duggee toy, £24.99
Duggee birthday book, £4.77
Duggee t-shirt, £8.00
Duggee board books, £3.99
Betty toy, £6.99

Turning three will mean we can wave goodbye to tantrums and the terrible twos, right?

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2 thoughts on “Jenson: 35 months old”

  1. Omgggg baby bum! My niece hasn’t watched those in a while now (thank god) but I think I could sing them in my sleep haha! Hope Jenson has a brilliant last month of being two xx

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