My life in photos: April 2018

Happy May! After an especially nerdy month thanks to National Stationery Week, we’ve now entered Jenson’s birthday month – can you believe he’s going to be three?! But before I start harping on about our party plans in tomorrow’s post, let’s take a look back at April in all its springtime glory.

My life in photos April 2018

1. My second and third issues from my In the Moment subscription have arrived but I haven’t had a chance to read them yet. I’m lacking a wee bit on the self-care front lately.

2. I was sent one of Coralie Bickford-Smith’s Stamp Garden sets and it really helped me to beautify my bujo for spring.

3. We ate all of the chocolate. Actually, tell a lie, Jenson still has a few eggs. I would have felt a bit guilty if I ate all of them for him.

4. I won a Scent Circus giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day. The box was filled with bath bombs, wax melts, tea and chocolate.

5. One of my favourite books from last month – 100 Books That Changed the World. Great inspiration for my upcoming literary bucket list post.

6. I also reviewed a copy of Posters for Change and want to get some nice frames before I pop them up.

7. Spring came and went in the blink of an eye but I think it might be back. Don’t scare it away!

8. Still haven’t gotten round to reading The Happy News yet either. I think I’m overdue a few soaks in the bath.

9. National Stationery Week came early when I reviewed a custom notebook from one of my sponsors.

My life in photos April 2018

1. Having a month off work sick meant I’m way behind in my reading.

2 and 3. I don’t get to eat out very often these days and was very happy to be treated to a roast the other day.

4. I kicked off Stationery Week with a review and giveaway of Hex and Ginger notebooks.

5. Said hi to Paddington when I popped along to the London Stationery Show.

6. Popped into Paperchase’s Paddington Station store on the way home.

7. Had the best time at the London Stationery Show.

8. My blog name was a good conversation starter with brands.

9. The Stationery Show really is nerd-vana. I loved this statement on Hex and Ginger’s stand.

And that was April! I’ve got a week off work at the end of the month for Jenson’s birthday so hopefully we’ll have a few family days out.

What are your plans for the month?

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