Friday Favourites #41

As Morgana has changed her #LittleLoves linky from a weekly to a monthly post, I’ve decided to resurrect my traditional Friday Favourites. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last shared a weekly round-up, so here’s a look at what I’ve been loving lately.

OK, I promise it’s the last time I’ll mention this, but here’s a final shout-out to National Stationery Week 2018. I hosted a week of sponsored reviews and giveaways, attended the London Stationery Show for the first time and even won a few giveaways myself. I’ll be sharing them on the usual social media platforms when they arrive.

London Stationery Show 2018

I’m currently working on some new collaborations after meeting some fab brands at the Stationery Show and have recently worked with Dingbats on a bullet journal post.

Dingbats Earth Journal and Stabilo pens review - bullet journal layouts

Summer seems to be on the way and we’ve been eating all of the ice cream and have even stopped by the beach for a paddle. Jenson loved being in the sea, which I was surprised by as he has his swimming lessons in a heated hydrotherapy pool – seriously, it’s like swimming in a bath tub. But the kiddo didn’t want to leave so we’ll be spending as much time as possible on the beach this summer.

on the beach, summer 2018

on the beach, summer 2018

Every year we host an awards ceremony at my day job where we celebrate the fantastic work of our students and this year it was held in a hotel with this fantastic wallpaper. I thought it was a great opportunity for a new profile pic but I hate having my photo taken and, believe it or not, this was the least cringey pic of the bunch. What do you think?

wallpaper profile pic

Two weeks after opening, we finally saw Avengers: Infinity War. In the interest of being respectful of people who take even longer than me to see new releases, I’ve posted a few thoughts on Facebook in the comments of a post. But HOLY CRAP!

This weekend I’ll be heading to the St Ives Food and Drink Festival. I’m really excited to take Jenson along to some of the children’s activities. There’s a pop-up cookery school for ages two and over, a create and take session with St Ives Pottery, plus there’s loads of cooking demos, live music and fun activities on the beach. The Festival starts today and ends Sunday evening. Do pop along if you can.

St Ives Food & Drink Festival

Have a fab weekend!

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