Saturday Share #142

From strong women in film, to dating yourself, a lot of my favourite posts this week are all about empowerment. Take a closer look at the blog posts I’ve loved this week.

saturday share

First, there’s a post I forgot to shout-out last week: 7 emotional benefits of watching strong women in film, according to experts. A (male) friend of mine posted something on Facebook this morning about his problem with inclusivity. It’s frustrating that white, straight, cisgender men still don’t seem to understand that they are the majority and how important it is for anyone seen as ‘other’ to see positive representations of themselves in the media/pop culture.

I’ve been following Grace Latter on Twitter for a while now but for some reason have only recently started following her blog. What was wrong with me?! I loved her post on dating herself (something I highly recommend and haven’t done myself in so long) and I’m grateful to her for bringing the Powerpuff Girls books to my attention.

How flippin’ talented is Jasmin? Her latest embroidery creations are so beautiful.

When I read Jules’ April round-up I was blown away by her stunning photos. #goals

Still haven’t got a bleddy clue what to do about all this GDPR nonsense? Dana’s post is probably the most helpful one I’ve come across so far.

What blogs have you loved this week?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Share #142”

  1. Thanks for the GDPR mention, Dana’s post was really helpful! The only part im still unsure about is the comments on posts to be compliant. Ill keep looking, hopefully someone has it somewhere!

    1. Because my comments are via WordPress I’m linking to their policy (when I finally get five minutes to sort it out this week!) Is yours via Disqus or similar which you can link to as they have their own policies?

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