An Old English Company haul

When I was busy putting together my post on Old English Company’s awesome pin collection, I realised that I’d completely forgotten how good they are when it comes to gifts. Of course, they have an incredible stationery range but there are some pretty fab prints and accessories too. With a few birthdays on the horizon, I filled my basket* and waited for my beautiful delivery.

An Old English Co haul

There’s a great selection of cards for all occasions and some bargain price tags to boot.

An Old English Co haul

Love you, Dad, £2.50
Best wishes to you, 50p
I love you more than pizza, £2.50
You are my sunshine, 50p
You’re my person, £2.50
Hello, 50p

I couldn’t resist this wrapping paper at just 50p a sheet and I had to get something (ok, two things!) with one of my favourite quotes on.

An Old English Co haul

Kraft wrapping paper, 50p
Pin badge, £7.00
Card, £2.95

Their prints are nothing short of stunning. I love this quote from Alice in Wonderland.

An Old English Co haul

8×10 print, £13.95

This friendship quote is a favourite too. My bestie bought me a lovely gift with a similar quote a couple of years ago so I had to buy it.

An Old English Co haul

8×10 print, £13.95

Can you believe all that came in at under £50?! What’s your one-stop shop for gifts?

*I was gifted a voucher in return for my recent pin post and used it to purchase the contents of this post. I wasn’t expected to share this purchase or promote these products in any way.

2 thoughts on “An Old English Company haul”

  1. I’m really impressed with Old English Co (I recently earned a voucher, too); the designs are amazing and the quality is fantastic. I got the You Are My Sunshine card, and a print, too, as well as a bunch of notebooks and notepads, which I’ll be blogging about soon. The prints are definitely my favourite, and I love the ones you picked. I fear I may need to start a little Old English Co print collection! xx

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