Friday Favourites #44

Never has a week of annual leave been so perfectly timed. I booked this week off so we could take Jenson on some mini adventures as he turned three on Wednesday but the kid ended up being poorly. I don’t feel like it’s ended up being a waste of a week off because the mum guilt of working while your kid is poorly is the worst, especially as all he wants is “Mummy cuddles”. Fortunately I have another week off in a couple of week’s for Luke’s birthday (I never work on any of our birthday weeks) so hopefully we can have some family fun then.

It’s not been all doom and gloom though. We still had Jenson’s party on Sunday and he had the best time. I’m doing a full post on this on Sunday, as I’m reviewing the fab soft play company we hired, but here’s a look at the happy birthday boy.

Jenson's third birthday party

Jenson's third birthday party

He was a bit worse for wear by the time his actual birthday rolled around. We spent an hour at the doctors and came away with some antibiotics – not the best way to spend your third birthday. But he was really happy with his presents and Luke made him some epic pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce. His favourite present was a toy till from my aunt – he insisted on taking it to bed that night!

Jenson's third birthday

Jenson's third birthday

He’s still not feeling great now, coughing himself sick in the morning, super sleepy and not eating properly. Hopefully the antibiotics are starting to kick in and he’ll be better by the end of the week.

As for me, I received a lovely delivery from Sherbet Lane and have been trying to make more time for self-care. I indulged in an epic bath on Jenson’s birthday (it’s my day too, right?) and I’m super excited to be going out for a cocktail or two tonight. I’ve also got a self-care box to give away, so head over to yesterday’s post to be in with a chance of winning.

SherbetBox Club - self-care review

SherbetBox Club - self-care review

SherbetBox Club - self-care review

Money is a wee bit tight and I’ve practically been living in the same clothes since Jenson was born, so my lovely aunt treated me to a new outfit. I’ll try and get a photo but don’t hold your breath, as I hate having my photo taken. New Look was doing a scratchcard comp at the time and I won a £5 voucher! Good timing, as I just put a twig through the bottom of my shoe, so I can replace those on the cheap. Sod’s law, ey?

Grey’s. Oh my gosh, Grey’s. I’m about halfway through season ten and I’ve just realised that I only have a few seasons left until I’m all caught up. Then what am I gonna do?! It’s always an epic decision for me to pick a new show to binge. FYI, still loving Bailey and Cristina and falling for Webber and Karev more every day.

Oh, and this week I saw my surgeon for the last time. Hence the first bath bomb in nearly three months. Go me!

SherbetBox Club - self-care review

Bring on the weekend. Hopefully Jenson will be feeling better because Luke’s working – I’m not that fond of the idea of being stuck at home with a poorly kid on my own all weekend. Wish me luck!

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