Friday Favourites #45

Wow, what a week. It was my biggest working week for a long time, right between two weeks of annual leave, so it was a good thing I felt semi-rested beforehand and had a bit of a break to look forward to. Don’t worry, in amongst the long days there were some fun times too.

Girls night

Yep, I went out-out. Well, out-out for me. I headed out for cocktails with friends and was gone for a whole three and a half hours – go me! And then had to come home and spend an hour settling Jenson back to sleep. Totally worth it. The Vault was doing £5 cocktails and I can confirm that my new favourite is the coconut and elderflower, although the Vogue is so flippin’ Instagrammable.

cocktails at The Vault

cocktails at The Vault

cocktails at The Vault

cocktails at The Vault

cocktails at The Vault

Oh, and one of the friends gave me the cutest card. She’s such a good egg.

best mum card

Roast dinner

My dad took me and Jenson out for lunch on Sunday (I only felt a bit bad that Luke missed out while he was at work). I bleddy love a good roast dinner.

roast dinner


I’ve started planning ahead a bit now that work is so busy and the commute is taking its toll. I schedule as much as possible at the weekend so that when my (half a) working week rolls around I can just have an early night or watch some Grey’s on a school night. It worked wonders for me this week. I’ve now started season 11 of Grey’s (yep, I cried in the season ten finale. Fortunately it was happy tears for a change) and I might have gotten a bit emosh watching Neighbours yesterday too. Finally some happy endings!

Washi tape

We took Jenson toy shopping in B&M with his birthday money and I couldn’t resist this set of washi tape for £1. I wanted it for the superhero tape more than anything.

washi tape


I didn’t have any book review deadlines this week so I caught up on some magazines: The Happy Newspaper, Breathe and In the Moment. They’re definitely the kinds of publications I prefer to read these days, really giving me the chance to take a proper break.


Nature Journal

Speaking of Breathe, I’m also reviewing their Nature Journal and went for a walk with Jenson and my mum yesterday. I had forgotten how nice it is to just go for a walk with Jenson – not rushing about to get anywhere, just walking and being aware of our surroundings. How very mindful of me! I’ve got a full review post (and giveaway!) coming on Sunday, so don’t be a stranger.

Breathe Nature Journal

nature walk

nature walk

nature walk
The weather isn’t looking too great for my coming week off but Jenson is so easy to please that I’m sure he’ll love just getting out and about. You should have seen his face when we wandered around looking at tadpoles and fish yesterday. I’m hoping to catch up with a friend over the weekend and go strawberry picking at Trevaskis Farm, which will keep him entertained for a couple of hours. And it’s Luke’s birthday next week. Fortunately Deadpool 2 is still playing so we can finally see that.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #45”

  1. I enjoyed reading this, and catching up with your news! Those cocktails sound amazing! I am very envious of your luscious roast dinner. Now that I’m back in Greece, it will be several mo this until I get to eat one of those!

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