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Friday Favourites #45

Wow, what a week. It was my biggest working week for a long time, right between two weeks of annual leave, so it was a good thing I felt semi-rested beforehand and had a bit of a break to look forward to. Don't worry, in amongst the long days there were some fun times too.… Continue reading Friday Favourites #45

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Snow, How to Stop Time and Insta Stories #LittleLoves

So it snowed in Cornwall this week. For the first time in a long time. And when I say snowed, I mean it looked like this... And the world stopped! Schools closed, bus services were cancelled and it took me three hours to travel to a mile away from my office - then I turned… Continue reading Snow, How to Stop Time and Insta Stories #LittleLoves

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Four Things

I've seen this post doing the rounds on a few blogs lately and have borrowed from Life Outside London. If you're writing a similar post, leave me a link below! Four movies I have watched more than once Whip It - made me fall in love with roller derby Hitch - I can recite this… Continue reading Four Things