Friday Favourites #46

Over the last week I’ve really appreciated how lucky I am to live where I do. It’s easy to assume that Cornwall is simply stunning scenery and borderline tropical but we actually live in a pretty poor part of the county. Fortunately no amount of second homes and closed high street stores will ruin the fact that, on a summer’s day, it’s pretty hard to beat, and the weather has definitely been on our side lately. We’ve taken Jenson out on his bike, been for nature walks, went to the beach, said hi to farm animals, picked strawberries, popped to the cinema… Not too shabby! Here’s a little day-by-day breakdown.


Jenson’s first bike ride. My aunt bought Jenson a balance bike for his birthday and he loves going out on it. Most days we go out with a bike and wander around the parks and gardens looking at tadpoles; I love that Jenson is so easy to please. He’s gaining in confidence on the bike every day. He was also pretty chuffed to get close to a squirrel.

Jenson bike ride

Jenson bike ride

Jenson bike ride

Oh, and I made some banana bread. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was pretty good. So much so that I made more on Tuesday. And Jenson loves it too. Problem is, he now thinks that every time we go out on the bike we’re going to go home and bake a cake.

Banana bread


I’d managed to hang on to my £10 Trevaskis Farm voucher from my birthday so Jenson and I caught up with our friends over cake. We also had a wander around the farm to see the animals and picked some strawberries. He had a great time! Of course, he wanted to have a bite out of every one until I managed to snatch some away.

Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm


My lovely dad took me and Jenson out for a roast again, along with my brother and his family, which was pretty awesome. Gotta love some family time.


Jenson asked to go to the beach so we walked out to Longrock. He wasn’t keen on going in the water himself so we’re going to work on that next time. The first time we went to the beach this year we couldn’t get him out of the sea so maybe we need to go back to that beach.

Longrock Beach

Longrock Beach

I also caught up on The Good Fight. A couple of minutes before the end of season two episode thirteen it felt a bit season finale-ish. Then I checked the episode guide on IMDB and, yep, season finale. Boo. Such a good show!


We took the ol’ bike out again around the gardens and met a lovely man who works for the council. He designed an education area for kids and gave us the combination to get into the restricted area, along with some fish food. Jenson loved seeing the big fish up close. We also made more banana bread when we got home…


It was Luke’s birthday and we did little more than eat pizza and cake all day – perfect. We also made a start on the new Blade Runner film but I’m crap at watching films after 9pm and we had to hit pause after an hour. We’re going to try and watch the rest today. In my defense, it’s two hours and 45 minutes long.

Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes

Dominoes pizza


I’m too poor to buy all of the books I want to read and headed to my local library’s website to reserve some titles – turns out my card expired five years ago! I popped along to re-activate it and set up an account for Jenson. He loved the kids’ section and didn’t want to leave. There’s also a great system where every child gets a free book when they join and a sticker the first ten times they visit to add to the book. Pretty cute. Jenson chose a book and I also grabbed a Peppa Pig one for him and we’ll no doubt be back soon. I’m going to search for my entire Amazon wish list online and see what I can reserve. Wish me luck!

Library books

We also went to the cinema to finally see Deadpool 2. I thought it was hilarious (although I think it might lose some of its charm on repeat viewings) and loved the casting of Julian Dennison. If you haven’t seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople, check it out on Netflix ASAP.

Deadpool 2 and cider

Weekend plans

Luke’s working on Fathers Day (again) so I’ll be seeing my dad. Other than that I don’t really have any plans for the weekend. I’ve enjoyed taking it easy this week and not having a plan for every hour of the day. Maybe I’m a changed person?

Have a great weekend!

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