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Saturday Share #47

This morning I discovered that today marks the start of Feminist Book Fortnight, so of course I’ve rescheduled a bunch of posts for the next two weeks. I can’t let an awesome campaign like that pass me by! But what exactly is Feminist Book Fortnight, I hear you ask? It’s a celebration of feminist books, organised by a group of independent bookshops, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of some women in the UK getting the vote. Pretty rad, right?

I’ve got a few posts planned over the next fortnight but I thought I’d kick off the series with a special Saturday Share, highlighting my favourite book bloggers. Some of these are more typically ‘lifestyle’ blogs but these gals have great taste in books and I love reading their recommendations. Here goes…

saturday share

This list is alphabetical but I can’t not put the fabulous Grace Latter of Almost Amazing Grace near the top, can I?! Check out her recent reads. I’m beyond psyched to have a collaborative project lined up with her and a few other bloggers for a new release.

Anastasia Gammon is particularly fabulous because she’s a Cornish writer but she also has wonderful taste in books. Don’t miss her top ten (ish) books of 2017.

I recently came across A Bookish Baker and love Helen’s stunning photography. She has recommended four books to read over the summer.

Blogger’s Bookshelf is a collaborative blog so you get loads of recommendations and fun, collaborative posts. I’ve been enjoying the Popsugar Reading Challenge updates (maybe I’ll get stuck into that next year?) and the bookish links are always interesting.

If you’re looking for theatre reviews, Carpe Diem Emmie is a fantastic resource but I also love to see what Emmie has been reading. Her last update featured an interesting mix of young adult, mental health, thriller and self-help.

Chloe Metzger‘s blog features a great range of posts including book reviews, feminist discussions and mental health experiences. This week she shared a review of Illumicrate – I love reading about book subscriptions to try.

Charlotte is a girl after my own heart – a stationery addict and bookworm – so Colours and Carousels is an obvious favourite. I can totally relate to the three books that have changed her life.

Daisy Chain Book Reviews is about as eclectic as they come, covering young adult, fantasy, thrillers and more. I really need to read Everything I Know About Love.

dePepi is a wonderfully geeky blog and I love Pepi’s comic book updates. She put together a great list of recommendations for Pride Month.

Eleanor May is a fellow geeky lifestyle blogger – and my primary source of bookish tags. Check out this bumper post.

I’m not a lover of poetry (I’m aware that’s super generalised and dismissive) but Miriam’s review of Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and her Flowers made me instantly add it to my wish list. Miriam is a Literature and Publishing graduate so there are plenty of great titles listed on her blog, English Mademoiselle Diaries.

Hello Giggles, co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, is one of my favourite blogs. Every week they post about the latest book releases and I’ve forever adding more titles to my wish list.

Gemma from Hidden Little Gem regularly writes book reviews and shares hauls. I loved her World Book Night post.

Hayley from Honestly Russell is an avid bullet journaler and graphic novel fan. Check out her ultimate guide to graphic novels.

While I love Lisa Tiller‘s book reviews, I also love the bookish lifestyle and travel posts, such as her visits to Beatrix Potter’s house and the Harry Potter studio tour.

Little White Socks is a stunning lifestyle blog – I love Aycan’s style. She’s got great taste in books too. Check out what she’s been reading lately.

Sophie Cliff is another lifestyle favourite and she has recently read some of my favourites: Sophie Kinsella, Jojo Moyes and John Green. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on future reviews.

The Literary Edit is another one you should probably have already heard of, as Lucy recently won the London Book Fair’s Book Blogger of the Year Award.

The Monday Project is another blog with regular bitesize updates of books to read. Kirsty has also recommended some poolside reads.

Vivatramp is the blogging home of Bee, where she shares book hauls and reviews, as well as a fun book unhaul – great idea!

Wandering Words features reviews of so many books on my wish list, including Bad Feminist a and Body Positive Power.

Who are your favourite book bloggers?

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