My life in photos: June 2018

In case you haven’t been following my sporadic social media rants, I was without a fully functioning smart phone for the second half of June, so I took a lot less photos than I would normally have done. I know, it’s very First World Problems, but it was seriously hard to come to terms with. Hopefully it’ll be back within the next day or two and I can make up for lost time. In the meantime, here’s a look back at some of what I managed to capture last month.

My life in photos: June 2018

  1. I started the month with a catch up with some friends over cocktails. My new favourite is the coconut and elderflower from The Vault
  2. I worked with Breathe on a review and giveaway, featuring their stunning Nature Journal. It was a great opportunity to start going on nature walks with Jenson and now we go out most days to check on the local tadpoles, squirrels and fish
  3. I shared how I use my bullet journal to track my reading
  4. Jenson got a balance bike for his birthday and we’ve been out with that most days too. He’s always asking to “walk and bike”
  5. We’ve made a lot of banana bread lately. I made the mistake of adding chocolate chips to the last batch and they sunk to the bottom. Just bananas from now on methinks
  6. Jenson and I caught up with friends at Trevaskis Farm and picked some strawberries – highly recommended as a budget day out
  7. We went to the cinema for Luke’s birthday and saw Deadpool 2 – and even had a cheeky grown-up drink!
  8. I joined in with Feminist Book Fortnight and really enjoyed widening my reading. The Folio Society sent me this gorgeous edition of A Room of One’s Own and I read it in one day.
  9. We had a day away from the office and I just had to have one of Swanpool’s legendary ice creams.

Bring on July!

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