Saturday Share #52

I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to follow new (to me), relatable bloggers and, as a result, my feed has been filled with inspiring bookish and midsize posts. Here are some of my favourites from the last week.

saturday share

I was gutted to see that Blogger Book Nook won’t be doing themed posts every month anymore but when one door closes, another opens and all that. I’m excited to see how The Hels Project’s Blogger Book Club grows.

The most moving post I read this week was Ashleigh’s post on getting old. I have one grandparent left now and I don’t spend nearly enough time with her. I really must work on that.

The most relatable post was Michelle’s post on motherhood and friendships. Everything changes when you have a child.

I wrote the other day about my love of the new @midsizecollection Instagram account and Vix’s post on privilege made me think.

Kirsty has been slaying this week but my fave post of hers is the one on libraries. I can’t believe it took me so long to reactivate my account. Highly recommended.

Last week’s Blogosphere chat was about mailing lists, something of particular interest to me as I was in the process of setting one up. Holly’s post on growing your mailing list has been so helpful.

Self-care is about so much more than just bubble baths and a coffee break. Elizabeth’s post on the benefits of setting boundaries was genuinely an eye-opener.

I’ve seen the mid-year book freakout tag a couple of times now and Eleanor May has reminded me that I really need to get my ass in gear and have a go myself. I love bookish tags – and her answers.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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