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Exceedingly geeky cakes

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed a fair few tea and cake posts lately. When Dom told me that Mr Kipling had released a line of Roald Dahl cakes, I knew I had to get them all. Yes, for the Gram. I hate me too. Anyhoo, I could only find the George’s Marvellous Medicine cakes in town, so she picked up the whole set for me on her travels. What a love! Here they are, ranked from worst to best. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll buy them all anyway because they just look so damn good!

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

I expected more from the chocolate mud pies – just not chocolatey enough.

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

The strawberry fancies were too sickly to scoff too many at once. Although, I guess that’s for the best.

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

I thought the peach might go the same way as the strawberry but the flavour was subtle and really tasty.

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

The forest fruit slices didn’t last two minutes at a recent picnic. Again, not too over-powering a flavour and very moreish.

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

And now for my favourites: the lemon and raspberry whirls. Sooo good! Best have a couple with a cup of tea. I hope they stay in production for a while yet.

Have you tried these cakes yet? Which is your favourite?

4 thoughts on “Exceedingly geeky cakes”

  1. I didn’t even know these were a thing!!! SO excited now. Slightly disappointed, the mud pies look like they had potential…guess I’ll have to try for myself. All of them. Alllllll the cakes.
    M x

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