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Friday Favourites #52

I feel incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to have two particularly good weeks on the trot, with what seems to have become Jenson Fun Days on Thursdays while we’re not swimming and an evening out. Lucky me!

Mums’ night out

Last week I briefly mentioned that I’d gone out for some cocktails and food with some fab gals – I love these nights out! We manage it every couple of months and it genuinely saves my sanity. £5 cocktails at The Vault are always good (the coconut and elderflower is still my favourite) and I splurged on some food too – the cheesiest dirty fries and some brie wedges with chilli jam – would definitely have again.

cocktails at The Vault

food at The Vault

food at The Vault

cocktails at The Vault

This Is Us season 2

I took a break from Grey’s Anatomy (season 14 isn’t on Now TV. What the hell am I meant to do when I finish season 13?!) when I realised that the first four episodes of season two of This is Us has already aired in the UK. I watched the first episode the other night and realised how much I’d missed it. It’s certainly not one to binge though – I’d be a wreck! Even more so than with Grey’s!

Jenson Fun Days

Thursday has been my favourite day of the week ever since my maternity leave ended. I went back to work Monday-Wednesday and, during term-time, I swim with Jenson on a Thursday and we have lunch with my mum, my brother’s girlfriend and their kids. As much as I love swimming lessons, we seem to be substituting well this summer. Last week we had a beach day and this week we still had a family fun day, despite the cloudy weather. We went to Trevaskis Farm and indulged in a cream tea, said hi to the animals and picked some more strawberries (which soon ended up on the floor so we had to buy them from the farm shop!).

Strawberry picking at Trevaskis Farm

When we got home, we popped to the library to refresh our collection and made a new friend. It seems that, despite Jenson’s previous struggles with other children, he really gets on with older girls. He’s played so nicely with two little girls (about a year older than him) lately – sharing, playing, chasing, tickling, hide and seek, talking. He’s never been so trusting, calm and affectionate with other children. It’s so lovely to see.

We also popped into town for some extra treats, as we recently sold his trike, so he has some spending money. He picked out some books in The Works and bought a wand from Claire’s Accessories. He loves Sula’s sparkly wand the Sparkle Magic episode of Bing and calls it his sparkle magic.

That evening we went out for a family meal. Despite sitting down at 6.30pm and spending nearly two hours in the restaurant, Jenson was so well behaved, even though he was up two hours past his bedtime. I had a cheeky glass of red with my steak and chocolate tart. I highly recommend the steak with blue cheese sauce at Blacks.

night out at Blacks

I’m trying really hard to savour the time I’m spending with Jenson this weekend as I’m going away for a work conference next week and already feel guilty about spending so much time away from him. Here’s hoping he doesn’t miss me too much.

Have an awesome weekend!

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