A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things #68

I haven't written one of these posts for a couple of weeks as I've been busy with my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways (you could still win a Slow Box, a mistletoe bracelet or a copy of my book of the year: The Displaced). But don't worry, that's not all I've been doing. Tis the… Continue reading A few of my favourite things #68

Friday Favourites #52
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Friday Favourites #52

I feel incredibly fortunate that I've been able to have two particularly good weeks on the trot, with what seems to have become Jenson Fun Days on Thursdays while we're not swimming and an evening out. Lucky me! Mums' night out Last week I briefly mentioned that I'd gone out for some cocktails and food… Continue reading Friday Favourites #52

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Friday Favourites #26

OK, so I may be starting this post in the wee hours of Saturday morning but I haven't been to sleep yet, so it's still technically Friday! It's been another week of late nights for Jenson, which means one exhausted mumma and little time for blogging. Especially when there's housework to be done and Christmas… Continue reading Friday Favourites #26

28th birthday cards

The big 2-8

On Friday I turned 28. 28! I still feel like I'm just out of uni (probably not helped by my dropping out, starting again and later doing a PGCE, so I guess I'm only a few years out really, but still) and I'm sat here typing with a sleeping six month old baby next to… Continue reading The big 2-8

my life in photos: november 2015
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My life in photos: November 2015

It's only when looking back over my photos from the last month that I've realised that I've actually been pretty sociable. And Jenson has developed a helluva lot. Here are our months in photos. Up first, yours truly... 1. I bloody love where I live! How gorgeous is this walk? It's the view behind and… Continue reading My life in photos: November 2015


My life in photos: March 2015

Now that we are once again connected to the wonderful world wide web, I can share with you my March in photos! Prepare yourself for lots of pregnancy and moving shenanigans! 1. We went to see Simon Amstell at the Hall For Cornwall and he was awesome. We saw him there a couple of years… Continue reading My life in photos: March 2015