The Truth About Love and Writing

Some of my favourite non-fiction books are those which focus on two of my main passions: books and writing. Of course, it also helps when they’re little stunners too, like these new releases from Abrams + Chronicle. With a foil stamped cover and colourful edge standing, Bookstagram never looked so good!

The Truth About Love and Writing

The Truth About Love* is a beautiful book featuring more than 380 quotes on love. Growing up, most of what I thought I knew about love came from romantic comedies. Then I started reading more widely. Turns out Jane Austen knows how to string a few words together with a flourish and it’s no surprise that her work features a few times in this.

There are plenty of other literary favourites too, as well as a line from my favourite Sarah McLachlan song. It would make a fantastic gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, engagement or wedding. It’s also wonderful inspiration if you find yourself writing your own vows or wedding speech.

The Truth About Love by Bella Andre

The Truth About Love by Bella Andre

The Truth About Writing* is similarly constructed, with over 380 quotes on writing from some of my favourites, including Charlotte Bronte, Sylvia Plath and Cheryl Strayed. If you find yourself suffering with writer’s block, or stuck in a bit of a rut, it’s reassuring to read the words of the greats who have come through the other side. It’s also a reminder of why we do this to ourselves! A wonderful read for both writers and literary nerds.

The Truth About Writing by William Least Heat-Moon

The Truth About Writing by William Least Heat-Moon

Both books are out today.

Buy The Truth About Love on Amazon
Buy The Truth About Writing on Amazon

*I was sent a copy for review purposes. All thoughts are my own

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