Saturday Share #56

Now that autumn is well and truly on the way, you’re gonna want to check out these book recommendations and the most ‘eye candy’ recipe for blondies known to (wo)man.

saturday share

Hayley won one of my recent giveaways, which included a copy of The Leavers. I was glad to see in her July and August reading wrap up that she loved it.

Speaking of books, I’ve signed up to Jocelyn’s latest book swap and can’t wait to see what my partner sends me.

I’m loving seeing so many blog posts on encouraging a healthy and positive body image, plus honest and frank discussions about periods and contraception. My latest fave is I Am Woman, This Is My Body, Now Hear Me Roar from This Renegade Love.

I think we’ve all ready enough posts about the ‘death’ of blogging now. Amber’s post on the changes she’s seen in the last 12 years is a fun read.

When Aycan posted a photo of her birthday blondies on Instagram I knew I’d have to give them a whirl. Check out the recipe.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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