Book review: Easy Prey by Catherine Lo

My reading habits seem to be leaning towards the young adult genre lately, having recently read The Hate U Give, Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes? and now Easy Prey by Catherine Lo. Each one has tackled a different prevalent issue, such as racism, mental health and sexting/online safety, further cementing the genre’s relevance and importance for readers of any age.

Easy Prey by Catherine Lo

Easy Prey is told from alternating points of view: Drew (the jock), Mouse (the nerd) and Jenna (the princess-turned-goth). All three had access to their teacher’s compromising photos before they were anonymously published online. But who did it? The guy who has a history of obtaining explicit images? The one who will do anything to get into a good college? Or the girl who found herself in a similar situation a year ago?

Like One of Us is Lying, Easy Prey relies on high school character stereotypes a little too heavily (think John Hughes – these tropes have been around for years!) but also cleverly weaves between POVs in a way which makes you hope that everyone is innocent. I always feel conflicted when I warm to a character I know I’m not supposed to trust. That said, I did guess the ending before the reveal and think hints were dropped a bit too heavily as the story reached its climax.

It’s interesting that the three students were working on an assignment about online privacy and indecent imagery as it allowed the author (someone who has previously worked with at-risk youths) to educate her readers without seeming preachy.

If you liked One of Us is Lying, you’ll love this.

Easy Prey is out today. Buy it on Amazon

*I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

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