A few of my favourite things #64

I’m definitely feeling the seasonal festive vibes. As Halloween shifts into Christmas, I can start to feel the excitement in the air. Of course, it doesn’t help that we found Jenson’s Christmas hat yesterday, so no doubt he’ll be wearing that every day for for the next six weeks!

Here’s a look back at some favourites from the last week.


We had a fun but tame one this year. My brother’s girlfriend put on an awesome Halloween house party for the kids (we swung by early as Jenson hadn’t been well and we wanted to make sure he didn’t wear himself out too much). Jenson hasn’t been trick or treating before but he loved opening the door to everyone this year, particularly his cousin and uncle. He kept saying “twinkle treats” instead of trick or treat. Sooo cute!

Speaking of which, his speech has come on so much. The other night I said it was time to get ready for bed and he said: “no thanks, I play a little bit longer please”. I couldn’t say no to that!

Pumpkin 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody

Luke and I had a cheeky afternoon cinema date and saw Bohemian Rhapsody – so effing good! We rarely go to the cinema these days and more often than not it’s to see a comic book film (not a bad thing, it’s just a genre we both happen to like), so it was nice to see something different.

I spotted a few awesome trailers too. I’m super excited for Rocket Man (Taron Egerton slayed his cover of I’m Still Standing in Sing) and Mary Poppins. The full trailer is so magical!

Totoro stickers

I shared my Totoro stationery post in a few Facebook groups and a fellow stationery nerd offered to send me some stickers. Such a sweetie. I loved the stamp too.

Totoro stickers

Nelson Mandela stamp

Autumn leaves

I took Jenson out on his bike the other day and he decided it was more fun to throw leaves around. I love how easy he is to entertain at this age. I’m dreading the expensive computer game stage. I also finally got this year’s obligatory ‘boots and leaves’ Instagram shot.

Jenson leaves

Autumn leaves 2018

The Front Room

Jenson and I met my mum and aunt for coffee yesterday and, as we went to The Front Room, I had to try one of their gingerbread milkshakes. It’s one of my favourite places in Penzance and Jenson feels right at home there.

Gingerbread milkshake from The Front Room

New winter woolies

I’ve misplaced the cute raccoon hat Jenson had last year so tried to track down a new hat with ear flaps for him yesterday. Instead, I fell in love with a hat for the first time in ages. Mountain Warehouse have a BOGOF offer on at the moment and I found a hat for both of us – unfortunately Jenson didn’t like his selection and I couldn’t justify buying a hat just for myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about the hat for the rest of the day, so when we met Luke from work he told me to go back and get it. He figured he’d use the offer to get himself a spare hat but his big ol’ noggin’ didn’t fit any of the selection, so I treated myself to some super snuggly new mittens too. Bargain!

Hat and gloves from Mountain Warehouse

I think we’re going to have a quiet one today. We were going to go to Jenson’s first fireworks display last night but it was a bit cold and wet (we were sure it was going to be rained off). Fortunately our balcony has a great view, so we watched a few minutes before Jenson asked to go back inside. Maybe we can use the time to get cracking with some homemade Christmas cards.

4 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things #64”

  1. This is a great list! The gingerbread milkshake sounds and looks ideal for this time of year. Autumn leaves and new winter woollies would certainly make it onto my list, too!

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