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What Jenson has been reading lately #4

One of my biggest achievements when it comes to raising Jenson is his love of books. He always chooses a bedtime story (usually the same one on repeat for a few weeks) and at the end he immediately says “read it again!”.

He’s deep in a Paw Patrol obsession at the moment, so we always have the Netflix episodes on in the background and have one of the stories at bedtime. Pups Save the Party is practically falling apart, we’ve read it that many times, but he seems to be going through an Everest stage at the moment. Fortunately The Works have these super cheap and we’ve picked up another one for Christmas.

Paw Patrol book review

Paw Patrol book review

Jenson loves going to the library (probably for the toys and fun spaces rather than the books, but still) and we pick up a lot of books with recognisable characters. We actually managed a break from the pups and read this Thomas book for a couple of nights.

Thomas book review

Abrams + Chronicle sent me a couple of Christmas books, not that Jenson needs any help getting in the festive spirit. Up first is Decked Out for Christmas* by award-winning author Ethan Long. It’s a really cute story about a group of mice decorating Santa’s sleigh and Jenson loves the illustrations.

Buy it on Amazon

Decked Out for Christmas book review

Decked Out for Christmas book review

Jenson’s favourite of the two, and our current bedtime story, is All Aboard the Christmas Train* by Nichole Mara, Andrew Kolb. It’s a fun fold-out book with five train carriages to explore. We find something new in the pictures every time we read it.

Buy it on Amazon

All Aboard the Christmas Train review

All Aboard the Christmas Train review

All Aboard the Christmas Train review

What’s your child’s favourite bedtime story?

*I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

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