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Book review: Geek Magnifique by Melissa Boyle

Getting a book deal is the dream for a lot of bloggers but how many of those bloggers have a unique story tell? How many have something important to say? How many have the power to actually change lives? Melissa Boyle, of Geek Magnifique, ticks all of these boxes and more.

Geek Magnifique by Melissa Boyle

I’ve been following Geek Magnifique since the very first post. I had the pleasure of going to university with Mel and when she launched her blog I followed her geeky updates with glee. Then she bravely began to share more personal posts, opening up about her ongoing battle with OCD and emetophobia, and she became a vital part of the mental health bloggers community.

To say her blog is the tip of the iceberg would be a massive understatement. Her book is a fascinating yet heart-breaking insight into a difficult life, where she discusses, in detail, the root of the problem, the impact on her day-to-day life and relationships, and the steps she took to improve her mental health.

In her book, Mel chooses to distance herself from labels such as ‘witness’ and ‘victim’, choosing instead to call herself a ‘survivor’. I’ll go you one better, Mel. I think you’re a fucking warrior!

If you’re deep in your own battle, looking for hope for a way out, or if you’d like an insight so that you know how best to support a loved one, Geek Magnifique is a fantastic resource.

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*I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes but all thoughts are my own

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