A few of my favourite things #78

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We’re into the last few days of February and Spring is well and truly on the way. I’m so here for sunny afternoons playing with Jenson and the last few minutes of daylight when I get home from work. I think I’m going to have to start on my 2019 Spring/Summer bucket list soon. What’s on your list?

Stationery swap

I forgot to share Jocelyn’s latest stationery swap in last week’s post. I’ve signed up to a few of these now and love receiving some new bits and pieces. Here’s a look at what I received this time, including a new notebook, some washi and postcards, and an Alice in Wonderland charm.

And here’s a look at what I sent in return, including a planner pad, notebook, print, stickers and pencil.

Upcoming campaigns

I’m so excited to share what’s coming up on the blog in March. Mailing list subscribers will get a sneak peek on Friday but here’s a small reveal for one of my upcoming campaigns. I know, I’m such a tease.

Literary Emporium

Sick day

Hands down, the worst thing about being a parent is never getting a sick day. I can’t remember the last time I lay in bed all day watching Netflix.

I’ve had a cough for over a week and on Saturday I very gracefully threw up all down myself while having a coughing fit. Needless to say, any plans to leave the house were swiftly cancelled and, as Luke works weekends, I tried to convince Jenson that it would be a good idea to sit quietly on the sofa all day and watch TV. You can imagine how that went down. But there was one redeeming moment: when Jenson saw that I was sad, reminded me that I love cuddles, climbed into my lap for a big cuddle and told me that he loves me. Hands down, the best thing about being a parent.

Strong woman


Normally Jenson is pretty tired after a day at nursery but we’ve started taking him out on Friday afternoons for some family time. This week we wandered through our favourite gardens and took his bike for the first time in ages. It took him a couple of laps to get back into the swing of it but he was soon whizzing along.

Spring 2019

After my semi-sick day on Saturday, I was determined to do something fun with him on Sunday. We went to the park, popped into Lidl (he loves pushing those mini shopping trolleys) and then my mum came over, so we went for a walk to look at the boats and trains and got our first ice cream of the season. Isn’t it great to go out without a coat on?

Spring 2019


I’m always talking about how I wouldn’t be without my Stabilo pens, especially when it comes to my bujo. How do you fancy getting your hands on your own bundle? I’m doing an exclusive mailing list giveaway. Just sign up to my list before 10pm Thursday 28 February and one lucky (UK) subscriber will win everything pictured below.

Stabilo pen bundle

Click here to join my mailing list.

Have a lovely week!

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