My essential bullet journal supplies

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If you’re new to bullet journaling, it can be incredibly daunting figuring out where to start. In theory, it’s as simple as just having a notebook and pen, but fellow stationery enthusiasts will know these things are never that simple.

My essential bullet journal supplies

I’ve reviewed and rated ten different dot grid notebooks to help you find the perfect bullet journal for you, depending on your own requirements – number of pages, ribbons, tabs, paper thickness, cover, etc. The perfect one for me is the Dingbats Earth Journal and I’ve written all about my current set up here.

Once you’ve picked your notebook, the next step is your pens – and you must test them all out on the back page. There are few things more soul destroying than starting a new notebook only to find that your favourite pens bleed everywhere, ruining your new spreads. Incidentally, I tested all of the following pens in my first Dingbats Earth Journal here, so you can see the results for yourself.

Sidebar: I keep all of my favourites in this feminist-friendly pencil case, which spends most of its time on my bedside table, alongside my journal.

My essential bullet journal supplies - pens

First up, the STABILO Sensor. I do the bulk of my writing with these bad boys. The smooth flow makes me actually like my handwriting (destroyed years ago when I learned shorthand) and there’s zero smudging or bleed through. I tend to write most of my free-flow stuff in black or dark blue but it’s nice to mix it up for different topics.

My essential bullet journal supplies - STABILO pens

These beautiful pastels, the STABILO Pen 68, are great for adding colour to my trackers. I don’t like to write with them but they’re great for colouring – handy for ‘year in pixels’ spreads.

My essential bullet journal supplies - STABILO pens

Last in the STABILO family is the Swing Cool Highlighters;. Everyone loves a pastel shade and the shape is much handier than the Boss. I use these to mark my headings and to create tables.

My essential bullet journal supplies - STABILO pens

We all get scared of committing pen to paper sometimes and the Paperchase mechanical pencils are great for that first dabble with something new. Most built-in erasers are a bit shit and wear out the page but these are perfect. A friend bought me a multipack for Christmas a while back and I love them.

My essential bullet journal supplies - mechanical pencil

This year I’m turning my bujo into a bit of a scrapbook and prints and tickets are great for adding to your dailies. I don’t want to do this at the expense of my page count (I’d love to use just one notebook a year but I think two is more realistic) and so I’m adding things which really mean something to me.

My essential bullet journal supplies - prints

Of course, why use a Pritt Stick when you can use washi tape?! I’m quite proud of my growing collection and there’s something for every season. A lot of these come from Poundland multipacks, so you don’t need to spend a lot.

My essential bullet journal supplies - washi tape

I also highly recommend Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method (reviewed here). It was the foundation of my 2019 bujo planning.

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

What are your essentials?

Use my affiliate link and code ACORNISHGEEK10 to get 10% off your own Dingbats notebook.

My essential bullet journal supplies

5 thoughts on “My essential bullet journal supplies”

  1. It is so funny how I am incapable at having a bullet journal as I don’t have the patience for it but I absolutely love reading about it or watching videos haha!
    Also, I really want to start a travel journal so this post is so useful to choose what pens I’ll use etc so thanks for sharing!!

    Anaïs |

    1. I’m a bit of an enabler ;p I’ve found stripping it right back to the essentials so helpful this time round, with no pressure for beautiful designs

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