A few of my favourite things #79

And just like that, we’re more than two whole months into 2019 and spring is on the way. Well, I was hopeful that it was on the way but last weekend certainly put a dampener on things in more ways than one. But, as always, there’s plenty to be grateful for, even in a week which featured a sick day (from the day job, not parenting, because life).


I bleddy love Lidl. I spotted the unicorn carrots a couple of weeks ago but refrained and then ended up grabbing them the next time. I hoped that fun, colourful food might encourage Jenson to eat more ‘grown up’ food and grabbed the colourful spaghetti too but no joy so far. It makes me smile to see my plate colourful though, so there’s that.

Colourful food from Lidl

I also spotted a llama lunchbox but left it as it was the day before Pay Day. Then on Pay Day I popped to a different branch and spotted a sloth lunchbox, complete with matching coffee cup. And they were only £2.99 each! I had to have them. Jenson is a bit jealous of my lunchbox but I’m so not trading.

Sloth lunchbox and coffee cup from Lidl

New library book

Another week, another library reservation. This time the current Instagram favourite What a Time to be Alone by Chidera Eggueue, aka The Slumflower. This will make a fun addition to the commute.

What a Time to Be Alone - book

Introvert’s night in

I’ve started having Fridays off again and have decided to make the most of this child-free time by sorting through the entire house. Yep, so rock and roll! I spent nearly four hours clearing through the living room last week and rewarded myself with a cider and some tasty treats, while also starting two new Netflix series.

Introvert's night in

I’m only one episode in to The Umbrella Academy so far but it’s fucking awesome. Robert Sheehan is hilarious as always and the show looks so dark and quirky.

Oh my gosh, I didn’t know how much I needed Workin’ Moms in my life until I saw the trailer. Created by and starring Catherine Reitman, it’s a must-watch for any woman who has returned to work after having a child. These stories are so rarely told and I love that the writing team is all female and the production team is largely female too. It’s three seasons in on CBC but season one has just dropped on Netflix. I’m three episodes in and it’s fantastic.

Children’s books from Abrams + Chronicle

One of my favourite posts I’ve ever written is ‘books for feminists of all ages‘. I’m going to write a follow up for Feminist Book Fortnight and my recent delivery from Abrams + Chronicle (ad – review) is full of lovely additions to my collection. The top shelf pictured below features three stunners which I’ll be reviewing in the next couple of weeks.

Children's books from Abrams + Chronicle

Soft play

Yes, really. Normally hell on earth, yesterday we had a genuinely enjoyable soft play session. When I found out that my nephew was going to the pyjama and pancake party, and that Pikachu would also be in attendance (!), I signed us up and prepared myself for another couple of hours of helicopter parenting and social anxiety. Fortunately everyone played nicely, no-one got hurt and I was able to see just how much Jenson’s confidence has grown over the last few months. Proud mumma, alert!

And that brings us to this week. Don’t be a stranger because I’ve got two rather epic giveaways coming your way ;)

Have a good one! :)

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