A few of my favourite things #88

OK, lets be honest, most of my week was stationery-centric, so lets start with that…

National Stationery Week 2019

I am so honoured to have worked with some incredible brands last week and I’m so proud of the content I produced. I posted seven days worth of reviews, discounts and giveaways, all of which are still live at the time of posting. I’ve linked them up below in case you spent the last week on another planet:

National Stationery Week 2019

Stationery Show London

If you’ve been following my Stories, you’ll also know that I went to Stationery Show London. Yep, two days of stationery. It was nerd-vana.I won’t go into detail now because I’ve got a rather epic post planned for later in the week, including details of upcoming trends, mini reviews of the workshops I attended, and loads of photos. You know where to come if you like stationery porn.

Stationery Show London 2019

Oh, and this was my view on the train journey home.

Sunset train journey

Hub by Premier Inn

Last year I only attended one day of the show but I wanted to make the most of the networking opportunities, talks and workshops this year, so stayed overnight. I booked a room at Hub by Premier Inn by King’s Cross St Pancras and was really impressed. I don’t normally like to pay over £100 a night just for myself but I know these are London prices. My room was a good size, the shower was great, my bed was big and comfortable, there was almost no noise, the staff were friendly and welcoming, and the food was tasty and reasonably priced.

Hub by Premier Inn

Hub by Premier Inn

I added the breakfast to my stay when booking and paid a bit extra for my evening meal. The Lounge area is great and you get free tea and coffee throughout your stay. My only issue was a slightly iffy WiFi connection – there was some buffering when I caught up on my TV shows from my room.

Hub by Premier Inn

Would definitely recommend and book again.

Kevin Smith

So what does a thirty-something do all alone in The Big City? She gets in her PJs by 7pm and watches Kevin Smith talk for over an hour about Avengers: Endgame! I think he may be my soulmate; I love how emotional he gets when talking about these films. I’m having major issues embedding it in this post so go check it out here.

Jelberts ice cream

I finally had my first Jelberts of the season! I used to be a large tub with cream and a flake kinda gal but now I go small cos Jenson only eats half of his. Winner! If you’re not Cornish you might not appreciate this being on the list but, trust me, it’s worthy.

Jelberts ice cream

I hope you’re having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. We’re having a chilled one today. We realised it’s not very often that we get a quiet family day so we’re just gonna do a few of Jenson’s favourite things close to home. Have a good one.

2 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things #88”

  1. I loved your Stationary Show stories, we clearly have very similar taste in stationary so all the stuff you shared looked awesome!

    I am also a huge Kevin Smith fan and love how passionate he gets. He’s also great at telling stories. I saw him at a live recording of the SMODcast and it was so much fun/funny.

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