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A few of my favourite things #90

Hello, Bank Holiday! Isn’t it nice to have an extra day to just slow down a bit? The bulk of my Bank Holiday included a spa day and another fourth birthday party – two very different experiences, as I’m sure you can imagine! Here’s a little look back at life last week.

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo is Jenson’s favourite book at the moment and he’s committed almost every word to memory. He loves ‘reading’ the story to us and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his birthday presents from his aunt and uncle on Thursday – Gruffalo overload!

Swimming lesson

The children’s pool was closed for a couple of weeks while they fixed the heating system, so when we went back last week I had forgotten how much I loved having this time with Jenson. Since I went back to work over three years ago, his swimming lessons have been my highlight of the week, and I’m going to miss them when he starts school in September. I can’t believe we’re just a few short months away from Big School and swimming lessons where I watch from the side rather than support him in the pool.

Spa Day

I’m going to try and treat myself to a spa day every six months. Having that extra special time where no-one can disturb you is amazing and I loved being able to spend some time with my bestie without having to rush back home or occupy Jenson at the same time.

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

We went to the Polurrian, a beautiful hotel on the Lizard with a helluva view. I chose a facial (as per usual), and had a quick whirl in the hot tub. There’s an indoor and (heated) outdoor pool, plus a gym, and the bar is stunning. I totally fell for the decor and wanted to move in. I’d love to go back at some point for an evening meal and overnight stay.

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

We had an afternoon tea included in our spa day but splashed out on a few extras – cocktails and tapas. They went down a treat!

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Spa Day at The Polurrian Hotel, Cornwall

Grow & Glow

I’ve started investing in myself and my blog and signed up to Vix’s Grow & Glow. I’m so excited to be in the first group of users and I’m looking forward to taking some time to look through all of the resources later this week. Hopefully it’ll help give the blog a bit of a boost for the second half of the year. Are you signed up?

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Jenson was invited to his first cinema birthday party, to see The Secret Life of Pets 2. Fortunately the first film is one of his favourites, so I knew it would be a good first feature film cinema trip for him. The family we went with were absolutely lovely and he had a great time with his friends. It was a ‘drop your kids and go’ kinda party but they were happy for me to stay, having only left Jenson with a grandparent or nursery before.

For some reason I can’t embed YouTube clips at the mo…

And now I’m on a week off, woooooo! I hear a heatwave is on the way, so maybe we can squeeze in a beach trip.

Have a great week :)

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