What I’ve been reading lately #17

This post features affiliate links and one review copy (marked with *). All thoughts are my own.

At the start of the year, I set myself some bookish goals. These were based on a few different challenges and, if I’m being honest, a bit intense. I drew out spreads in my bujo to help keep me on track but within a few months they’d been abandoned. But really, they could all be summarised by the same few points:

  • seek out books from new female writers
  • read more independent releases
  • step out of my comfort zone
  • read more diverse titles
  • don’t be afraid to DNF

Here’s a look at what I’ve been reading lately.

Ms Marvel

Time and Again, volume ten of Ms Marvel, marks the end of G. Willow Wilson’s reign as the series writer. And what a run she has had. It has become my favourite Marvel series and I loved getting to know Kamala and her friends. It’s refreshing to see a 16-year-old Muslim superhero whose home life and religion is blended in to the story seamlessly without feeling like it’s ticking boxes.

Wilson has mastered a wonderful blend of coming of age drama and political commentary, while still paying fan service. If you haven’t read these comics yet, I highly recommend them.

Ms Marvel Volume 10

Ms Marvel Volume 10

Buy it on Amazon

How to Mend a Broken Heart

I met Anna Mansell at a writing workshop back in March. I hadn’t come across her books before but was interested in checking out her alternative take on traditional chick lit. Don’t let the title and cover fool you, this is far from your warm and fuzzy romance.

How to Mend a Broken Heart centres on newly single nurse Kat, her patient, Susan, and her grieving handyman, Rhys. All three have dealt with significant loss and heartbreak, and have reached a point where life is feeling a bit too overwhelming.

This book deals with some pretty heavy themes, including suicide, but handles them sensitively. It’s a compelling and, ultimately, hopeful debut and I’ll be tracking down more of Mansell’s work.

How to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Mansell

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The Wisdom of Wonder Woman*

From Ms Marvel to Wonder Woman!

While I’ve read a few Wonder Woman and Justice League comics, I’m not actually all that familiar with the source material, with most of my WW knowledge coming from adaptations and pop culture. This short book has certainly encouraged me to delve into some older stories, as she really was a total badass from the very beginning.

Wonder Woman was first conceived more than 75 years ago and has stood the test of time as one of the ultimate feminist icons, demonstrated by this inspiring collection of quotes from her various iterations in print, film and TV.

The Wisdom of Wonder Woman is a wonderful gift idea, featuring a beautiful luxe foil cover and golden lasso ribbon. Simply stunning.

The Wisdom of Wonder Woman

The Wisdom of Wonder Woman

The Wisdom of Wonder Woman

Buy it on Amazon

See anything you like?

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