A few of my favourite things #92

This weekly update is a chance for me to share the little lifestyle updates that don’t really sit within the usual books and stationery posts. Typically they feature the things that have made me smile over the last seven days but last week was pretty uneventful. In fact, I almost didn’t post this week’s update. Then I wondered what Sophie Cliff would say; sure, it wasn’t an Instagram-worthy week but there was plenty that brought me joy.

hand lettering quote


I  recently accompanied my gran to several hospital appointments, culminating in an op (to remove a benign lump) last Thursday. Everyone who we’ve come across throughout those appointments has been nothing short of outstanding and I’m so grateful to all of the doctors, nurses, anesthetists and volunteer drivers who have helped take of her.

hand lettering quote

The Mindy Project

When Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Fight aired their season finales, I wondered what I was going to do with my limited TV time. I wanted to watch Station 19 but season 1 was quickly booted off Now TV. Then I thought about going back to Dawson’s Creek. But a quick flick through Now TV reignited my love of The Mindy Project.

I started watching this show when it first aired but stopped around season three. I used to schedule all of my TV shows via my Sky planner but then we switched to BT when we moved and I let go of the likes of Mindy, New Girl, Arrow and The Flash. At 20 minutes per episode, I’ve gotten through a fair few in the last couple of nights (and bailed on all of the blog and life admin I’m behind on).

hand lettering quote

Annual leave

Yep, I’m on another week off. But, as per usual, Jenson is off sick from nursery and all of the things I thought I could achieve have dropped even further down my to do list. And the weather isn’t looking too wonderful either. I’m determined to make the most of it though, with a family swim and a child-friendly event at a local gallery lined up.

Sidebar: I’m working on my lettering technique. I’m still not able to freehand, so everything has been copied from quotes found online, but I’m getting there. I think…

What little things brought you joy last week?

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